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  1. What kind of sparrow? Thanks in advance. Taken in Louisiana yesterday morning
  2. Thanks much.....They are not plentiful in my area....only migrate through here and one has to be at the right spot at the right time to see one....last one i saw was about 3 years ago, and he had a very dark cap so i was not exactly positive that this was one also. Only the second one i have seen in my lifetime that i am aware of...again thanks.
  3. Taken this morning in Louisiana......Is this a Wilson's Warbler?
  4. Taken in Louisiana this morning....Could this be a Tennessee Warbler? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks HamRHead......the parula is a lifer for me.....
  6. These two were taken in Louisiana this morning.....Have no clue.....Thanks in advance.
  7. Taken in Louisiana this morning.. Thanks in advance.
  8. Taken this morning in Louisiana.....Thanks in advance!
  9. I think the first one is a non breeding adult Spotted Sandpiper. Is the 2nd one a Lesser Yellowlegs? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. taken this morning in Louisiana.....bet he's thinking, "Man, 4 weeks ago I was a gorgeous blue bird but look at me now"!
  11. This morning in Louisiana. Indigo Bunting. They are molting like crazy...
  12. Blue Gray Gnatcatcher taken this morning in Louisiana.
  13. Blue Gray Gnatcatcher taken this morning in Louisiana.
  14. Took these pics this morning in Louisina....First one i think is a young Hooded Warbler....Second is a hummingbird but have no idea which hummingbird. Thanks in advance.
  15. I know he looked awfully small for a chat.....but i couldn't think of another bird that looked like that.....Thanks for replying...I think i have a better pic than that.....one that shows it from the front.....You can see the faint streaks on the breast on this one....
  16. Taken this morning in Louisiana. Need to verify I D. Thanks in advance.
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