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  1. So the Hairy has no dots on the outer tail feathers? At least that give me something to go by......and the beak is longer....We have a lot of these here but so far I don't think i have ever taken a pic of a Hairy. Thanks much.
  2. Pictures taken in Louisiana, and for the life of me i cannot tell the difference in the two even while looking at a field guide.....Thanks in advance.
  3. Took this this morning in Louisiana. When i saw him i thought it was a Kentucky warbler but looking at the pic i think it is a young Hooded warbler....
  4. Yeah that is what both me and my brother in law decided but i just wanted to make sure.....Thanks much.
  5. Folks if this is not a mockingbird then i am living in the twilight zone....I am 72 yrs old and have seen mockingbirds all my life but i have never noticed one with spots on his chest....Can anyone help me with an explanation? Thanks in advance...I took that picture in 2013 in Louisiana and for some odd reason i had never noticed it before.
  6. Here is another one i have had for a good while and have no clue what it is.
  7. I have had to bad pic of this bird for several years and it sort of got lost in the shuffle.....I still don't know what it is..Need help.
  8. Thanks fellows.....it is driving me crazy too....I will go back in the morning and see if they will be closer.....maybe i can get a decent shot....That brid was with 5 either female of immature prothonotary warbler. Thanks for answering.
  9. I know, it is a terrible pic.....but early morning, bird approx 60 to 70 yards away.....hard to focus on small bird with bushes and trees getting into the mix.....birds head is facing to the right and is dark and bill can be seen. I have no clue what this is. Was taken at 7 A M this morning in Louisiana on the bank of a small river. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Psweet, it was taken in Louisiana and i was pretty sure it was a summer tanager female.....just wanted to make sure as in that same area i did take a pic of an immature scarlet tanager that was identified by an ornithologist......but the head is different i think on a summer tanager female with the darker crest.....I thank you for answering.....
  11. Is this a summer tanager female? https://www.flickr.com/photos/102142598@N06/10007263253/in/dateposted-public/
  12. Thank you all for replying.....in all probability it was. or is, an Indigo Bunting as there are literally hundreds of them on this road with several hundred acres of fields with tall grass and grass seeds....Again thanks.
  13. Hello again. It has been quite a while since i posted on this forum. And a big thanks for being back and allowing me to once again enjoy this forum again. Now for the question. Has anyone on here ever seen a Blue Bunting. I saw what i think is one today. This bird was in tall grass on the side of a gravel road, in East Feliciana Parish in Louisiana. He was very dark blue. He flush as i was approaching him in my vehicle and flew ahead of me for about 30 yards or so. There are a lot of indigo buntings in this area and i am an avid bird photographer and have taken many pictures of indigo buntings. This bird was NOT an indigo bunting. He was a very dark, almost Navy blue bird and is listed in my field guide. I went to Cornell's site and they don't even have a Blue Bunting listed on their site. They have several "blue" birds listed but not a blue bunting. If anyone has ever seen one or know what bird i am talking about please let me know if you would. I did take a picture about five years ago of a bird exactly like the one i saw today. But at that time i just figured it was an indigo bunting. But i know better now. I cannot find out any sighting of a blue bunting on ebird as i have looked but i think the internet must be playing tricks on me today as it is not listing sightings of ANY bird on that site at present.....Any info will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. And once again it is good to be back as people on this site have really been very helpful to me in the past....Thanks.
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