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  1. Thanks for your answers and the warm welcome, everyone! I figured ID'ing from feathers is outside the usual purview of this forum and birding in general, so I really appreciate everyone for helping out. Although I gotta agree with you, @MichaelLong, it's definitely DEAD! 😆 @Aidan B : Thanks for the welcome! I agree, beautiful bird and I can't wait to see more. Birds of prey always have the most interesting behaviors as well. Thank you, @AlexHenry! I don't know why I didn't think about a pigeon (sorry @Pigeon 😢). The body and flight feathers are probably too large for a small songb
  2. Photos contain blood! I was on a beach in the Boston Harbor (Massachusetts) on Sunday (the 21st), and I saw a peregrine falcon land with its catch and spend 10-15 minutes eating. My first time seeing a peregrine so it was awesome to watch. After the falcon left, I headed over to the crime scene. Pretty much nothing was left but some blood and feathers. My morbid curiosity makes me wonder if it's possible to ID a bird from these scant remnants. I didn't get exact measurements but I estimate the longer feathers (flight feathers?) were 3-4 inches, and the shorter feathers around 1/2 an
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