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  1. Seen in the bright morning light today at Jones Beach NY, the light undersides of this bird made me think it might be a Clay-colored Sparrow. I notice, though, that the dark line through the eye extends to the beak. Is this a Chipping Sparrow?
  2. I thought this might be a Prairie but a friend thinks it's a Blackpoll. Is it either? Seen today at Jones Beach, NY.
  3. Thanks, I think the bottom part is face marking that connects with the shadow to give the appearance of a circle.
  4. I saw this bird at Jones Beach NY this morning. I never saw anything with a circle like that and don't think it could be a shadow with a shape like that.
  5. I know Empidonax flycatchers are tough without hearing them but I think this one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee (rather than a Traill's). Another photo shows white wing bars. Seen this morning in Hempstead Lake State Park, NY.
  6. Thanks, Sure not as attractive as a breeding male.
  7. Thanks hbvol50 and Avery, I probably wouldn't have noticed it except that I saw several Cedar Waxwings in the same bush, all enjoying those berries.
  8. I saw this bird this morning in Jones Beach, NY. The eye-ring looks buffy to me so I guess it is a Swainson's but I don't really know.
  9. Is this just a female or immature Yellow Warbler? It seems to have more olive on the head and face than I would have expected. It was in an area with birds that were clearly Yellow Warblers; this morning in Lido Beach, NY.
  10. Thanks, Tanager 101 and gpoole. I did notice the thicker bill.
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