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  1. Thanks, IKLIand and RobinHood, I saw this one in much better light about 5 minutes later a short distance away. Perhaps it was the same bird, although YEWAs are being seen frequently here now.
  2. Is this a female YEWA? Seen this morning in Lido Beach NY. (Poor photos)
  3. I saw this bird high up in the trees at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY this morning. I thought it was a warbler but the thin beak, white eye ring, and pale undersides make me think it is a RCKI.
  4. That's true and the taxonomy has changed over time. According to Birds of the World, in 1998, the American Ornithologists' Union "recognized the 4 groups at informal rank of subspecies group and suggested that, based on genetic evidence the 4 groups at informal rank of subspecies group and suggested that, based on genetic evidence and morphology (including plumage coloration), the 4 groups each may represent a biological species. Before these groups are recognized as separate species, additional study is needed in contact zones between groups, ..." As you know, all four subspecies groups have common names; Red, Sooty, Thick-billed, and Slate-colored. We had a similar situation here a few months ago when a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's), quite distinct from Myrtles which are very common here, was seen for a few weeks. Birders were disappointed that we could not count it as a lifer
  5. I think so. The 3 others are not as red and, I think, rarely seen here in the east.
  6. Thanks guys, Lifer for me. There were Song Sparrows nearby but this one looked redder.
  7. I saw this bird today at Hempstead Lake State Park, Rockville Centre, NY. I think it's a Fox Sparrow.
  8. Thanks, When it comes to grackles, I defer to someone named Quiscalus quiscula.
  9. Thanks to all who replied. I'm still a bit undecided about Boat-tailed (vs Common) due to what looks like short tail to me. The eye color indicates it is at least 2 years old.
  10. I'm inclined to think that it is a grackle, rather than a RUBL. Boat-tailed and Common are both numerous in this area; RUBLs less so. I think the tail looks short for a Boat-tailed.
  11. I should have mentioned that the bird on the roof (and flying) chased a flock of pigeons off that roof - probably too large prey for a Sharpie.
  12. I saw this bird (last photo) up in a bare tree in Jones Beach NY on Dec. 2. I thought it was a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. Looking at the photo, though, I think it might be a Sharpie. I know that Sharpies have smaller heads, skinny legs, and squarer tails, but exactly how much? Over the last few years, I have seen several juveniles and thought that they were all Cooper's, but now I am not sure. The bird in flight is the same one perched on a roof. I'm not sure about the sizes. Are any of these Sharpies? The flying bird certainly looks like it has a square tail.
  13. For the record, this larger view does show a black border on the left side (as we view it).
  14. I saw both species but did not get another photo of that bird. I got this shot of a GCKI 27 seconds earlier. It only shows a bit of reddish-orange.
  15. Thanks. I wish I had a better view of it but it's sorta nice to get them in the same shot.
  16. The bird on the right seems to be showing a little yellow in its crown, like a GCKI; along with mostly reddish-orange, like a RCKI which I don't think shows any yellow. Which species is it? This morning in Jones Beach NY.
  17. Thanks. The bird was a very good model. It stood completely still for most of 2 minutes before it dug something up. It occasionally cocked its head to the side as if it was listening, like a robin.
  18. The eye ring of this bird looks a bit buffy like that of a Swainson's but the tail looks a bit cinnamon, like that of a Hermit. I think it's a Swainson's but I'm not sure. Seen this morning at Jones Beach NY.
  19. Thanks IKLIand and Tanager 101. Lifer for me.
  20. I can't find a match for this combination of olive head and back, pale unstreaked undersides, and no wing bars. There were many Ruby-crowned Kinglets around, but I don't think this is one. Seen this morning at Jones Beach, NY.
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