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  1. Thanks, When it comes to grackles, I defer to someone named Quiscalus quiscula.
  2. Thanks to all who replied. I'm still a bit undecided about Boat-tailed (vs Common) due to what looks like short tail to me. The eye color indicates it is at least 2 years old.
  3. I'm inclined to think that it is a grackle, rather than a RUBL. Boat-tailed and Common are both numerous in this area; RUBLs less so. I think the tail looks short for a Boat-tailed.
  4. I should have mentioned that the bird on the roof (and flying) chased a flock of pigeons off that roof - probably too large prey for a Sharpie.
  5. I saw this bird (last photo) up in a bare tree in Jones Beach NY on Dec. 2. I thought it was a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. Looking at the photo, though, I think it might be a Sharpie. I know that Sharpies have smaller heads, skinny legs, and squarer tails, but exactly how much? Over the last few years, I have seen several juveniles and thought that they were all Cooper's, but now I am not sure. The bird in flight is the same one perched on a roof. I'm not sure about the sizes. Are any of these Sharpies? The flying bird certainly looks like it has a square tail.
  6. For the record, this larger view does show a black border on the left side (as we view it).
  7. I saw both species but did not get another photo of that bird. I got this shot of a GCKI 27 seconds earlier. It only shows a bit of reddish-orange.
  8. Thanks. I wish I had a better view of it but it's sorta nice to get them in the same shot.
  9. The bird on the right seems to be showing a little yellow in its crown, like a GCKI; along with mostly reddish-orange, like a RCKI which I don't think shows any yellow. Which species is it? This morning in Jones Beach NY.
  10. Thanks. The bird was a very good model. It stood completely still for most of 2 minutes before it dug something up. It occasionally cocked its head to the side as if it was listening, like a robin.
  11. The eye ring of this bird looks a bit buffy like that of a Swainson's but the tail looks a bit cinnamon, like that of a Hermit. I think it's a Swainson's but I'm not sure. Seen this morning at Jones Beach NY.
  12. Thanks IKLIand and Tanager 101. Lifer for me.
  13. I can't find a match for this combination of olive head and back, pale unstreaked undersides, and no wing bars. There were many Ruby-crowned Kinglets around, but I don't think this is one. Seen this morning at Jones Beach, NY.
  14. Seen in the bright morning light today at Jones Beach NY, the light undersides of this bird made me think it might be a Clay-colored Sparrow. I notice, though, that the dark line through the eye extends to the beak. Is this a Chipping Sparrow?
  15. I thought this might be a Prairie but a friend thinks it's a Blackpoll. Is it either? Seen today at Jones Beach, NY.
  16. Thanks, I think the bottom part is face marking that connects with the shadow to give the appearance of a circle.
  17. I saw this bird at Jones Beach NY this morning. I never saw anything with a circle like that and don't think it could be a shadow with a shape like that.
  18. I know Empidonax flycatchers are tough without hearing them but I think this one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee (rather than a Traill's). Another photo shows white wing bars. Seen this morning in Hempstead Lake State Park, NY.
  19. Thanks, Sure not as attractive as a breeding male.
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