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  1. When I saw this bird today at Jones Beach, NY, I thought it was too large to be a Sharpie and therefore probably was an immature Cooper's Hawk. Without a yardstick, however, my impression of size could be very wrong. Also, the second view shows what appears to be a notched tail. View 1 View 2 I need the opinion of someone more knowledgeable than myself.
  2. Thanks, I like Phoebes a lot. They often pose patiently in the open, but that's a dangerous habit here, with hawks of several species hunting. In the past week, I've gotten two pictures of Merlins eating their prey, one right on the pavement in the parking lot and this one in a tree. I think its prey was a larger bird in this case. Merlins are beautiful but the photos can be gruesome. Merlin
  3. Is this a Merlin? Bird of prey and prey Shot today at Jones Beach, NY. I think the unfortunate victim is an Eastern Phoebe.
  4. Thanks, I just learned that I didn't understand the difference between immature and juvenile and was using those terms inaccurately.
  5. Thanks, If I saw it in a tree, I would have had a better idea of its size, but in flight, I just couldn't tell.
  6. Thanks, I've seen some adults here lately but it didn't occur to me that this might be a juvenile. This is another view of the same bird. View 2 View 1.
  7. Is this a Chipping Sparrow (in non-breeding plumage)? Chipping Sparrow? Seen today at Jones Beach, NY
  8. I know that it is very difficult to distinguish between Sharpies and Coopers Hawks without reference to size, but assuming this is a smaller bird, is it a juvenile Sharpie? Sharpie? Seen today at Jones Beach, NY
  9. Thanks, I looked at the photos of Pine Warblers I took in the spring and I should have gotten this one right.
  10. Thanks, This is the first one I've photographed.
  11. Is this a Yellow-throated Vireo? Vireo? Shot today at Point Lookout, NY.
  12. Is this a White-crowned Sparrow? Sparrow Seen in the grass at the West Marina in Point Lookout, NY
  13. Thanks, This is only the 2nd one I've seen. I didn't see the red spot so I didn't think of kinglets. I saw one in the spring and was able to ID then because I saw the red spot (but didn't get a photo showing it). Spring photo
  14. Thanks, There are a ton of them here now, but this one fooled me, probably due to the shadows.
  15. I took these 2 views today in a salt marsh in Lido Beach, NY. I think it is a flycatcher. I'm sure the field marks will make it a slam dunk for experienced birder but I can't figure out which one (or even if it really is a flycatcher) View 1 View 2
  16. I shot this today in a salt marsh in Lido Beach, NY. I thought it might be a thrush but can't find one like it in my bird books. Little brown bird
  17. Thanks, Fall plumage isn't helping my limited ID skills.
  18. I shot this today at Point Lookout, NY. Is it a Palm Warbler? Palm Warbler?
  19. Thanks, I guess I was fooled by the difference in lighting. Thanks also for help with the sparrow and Merlin.
  20. I shot this relatively small bird of prey yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. Is it a Merlin? Merlin?
  21. I shot this yesterday at Jones Beach NY. The pale yellow above and below the eye, and the pinkish lower mandible lead me to think it is a Savannah Sparrow, but I am not sure. Sparrow
  22. I shot these two yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. I think this is an Eastern Phoebe. It looks a bit too yellow but I assume it is due to the combination of fall plumage and late afternoon (5 p.m.) light. Phoebe? I think this is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. I would be more certain if I could see the lower mandible. Pewee?
  23. I saw this bird eating a moth adjacent to a salt marsh in Oceanside NY this morning. Is it a Palm Warbler? Photo 1 Photo 2
  24. Thanks, I noticed the cinnamon undersides but wasn't sure they weren't juvenile Hudsonians which I guess are a little browner. Both species have been seen there recently but this was my first sighting. They were on an island and I couldn't get closer.
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