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  1. I shot this relatively small bird of prey yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. Is it a Merlin? Merlin?
  2. I shot this yesterday at Jones Beach NY. The pale yellow above and below the eye, and the pinkish lower mandible lead me to think it is a Savannah Sparrow, but I am not sure. Sparrow
  3. I shot these two yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. I think this is an Eastern Phoebe. It looks a bit too yellow but I assume it is due to the combination of fall plumage and late afternoon (5 p.m.) light. Phoebe? I think this is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. I would be more certain if I could see the lower mandible. Pewee?
  4. I saw this bird eating a moth adjacent to a salt marsh in Oceanside NY this morning. Is it a Palm Warbler? Photo 1 Photo 2
  5. Thanks, I noticed the cinnamon undersides but wasn't sure they weren't juvenile Hudsonians which I guess are a little browner. Both species have been seen there recently but this was my first sighting. They were on an island and I couldn't get closer.
  6. I saw 4 Godwits this morning at Jones Beach, NY on the bay side (near the Coast Guard station). Are these Marbled or Hudsonians? http://www.kjkahn.com/birds_misc/godwit-01c.jpg http://www.kjkahn.com/birds_misc/godwit-02c.jpg http://www.kjkahn.com/birds_misc/godwit-03c.jpg
  7. Thanks, I hadn't seen one before (or since) and I'm really sorry I didn't get a better photo.
  8. I only had a few seconds to shoot this bird partially obscured by foliage and didn't get a well-focused shot. It was taken on July 24th in Oceanside, New York. I thought it might be a (Yellow-bellied?) Flycatcher but it doesn't really match any photos I've seen. Can anyone ID it? http://www.kjkahn.com/birds_misc/flycatcher-01hd.jpg
  9. Thanks, There is a large colony, several hundred, of Common Terns nesting there and it has attracted a few terns of other species, including Gull-billed, Least, Royal, Arctic, and Sandwich (photographed). I have failed to spot any of them but did see this Roseate 23 days earlier, on June. 6. I was confused by the plumage of the later one. Roseate Tern I now see how similar they are, except for the molting.
  10. Sorry, I forgot to mention that it was shot at the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside NY. It is mostly a salt marsh but the bird was seen at the north edge of the preserve in the shrubbery of an adjacent house in a typical suburban area.
  11. I only saw this bird for a few seconds and unfortunately couldn't get good focus (except on foliage in the foreground). I think it is a flycatcher but I looked through Sibley and couldn't find one that has so much yellow on the undersides. Is it too blurred to identify? Flycatcher
  12. I shot this (juvenile?) tern at Lido Beach NY on June 29th. I need help identifying the species. Tern
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