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  1. Thanks hbvol50 and Avery, I probably wouldn't have noticed it except that I saw several Cedar Waxwings in the same bush, all enjoying those berries.
  2. I saw this bird this morning in Jones Beach, NY. The eye-ring looks buffy to me so I guess it is a Swainson's but I don't really know.
  3. Is this just a female or immature Yellow Warbler? It seems to have more olive on the head and face than I would have expected. It was in an area with birds that were clearly Yellow Warblers; this morning in Lido Beach, NY.
  4. Thanks, Tanager 101 and gpoole. I did notice the thicker bill.
  5. I saw this bird this morning in Lido Beach NY. The breast markings seem to be more spots than streaks that I would expect on a female House Finch but I don't know what else it might be. I'm pretty sure that it is not a thrush.
  6. I heard and saw this bird this afternoon at Lido Beach NY. Listening to it, I was sure that I heard the characteristic fitz-bew of a Willow Flycatcher. Looking at the pictures though, the pale yellow forehead, better seen in the second photo, makes me wonder.
  7. Thanks, Looking through my photos, I found a pair of LTDUs from 3 years ago this month but the female had quite a bit more brown than this one.
  8. I saw this bird swimming with a Greater Scaup and several Black Scoters this morning at Jones Beach State Park, NY. Only the cheek patch really makes me think it is a juvenile Long-tailed Duck, and perhaps the bill. Birds of the World says about the bill, "In hatchlings, dark gray to bluish gray."
  9. Thanks, They're nesting right in that area but it didn't occur to me.
  10. I took these 2 photo about 1 1/2 hours apart this morning at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY. The second one is particularly poor. Are these both Prarie Warblers?
  11. The previous ones I saw were at about eye level but this one was actually higher than it might appear. I was quite a distance back so that i was shooting up at a relatively shallow angle.
  12. Thanks Caley and Tanager 101, I've seen them before but this one looked a little more colorful.
  13. Another bird confused me today in Hempstead NY. I thought it was a Blue-headed Vireo but it has eye rings without spectacles and only a very pale yellowish wash on the undersides, rather than yellow on the flanks. I also notice that the underside of the tail is white and I couldn't find a flycatcher that matches it. Is it a warbler?
  14. Thanks Tanager 101 and IKLland, I know what Warbling Vireos sound like and heard them several times today but never got a good look at one and wasn't sure about this one.
  15. I couldn't get a good shot of this bird today in Hempstead NY. It appears to have a noticeable eye ring, no wingbars, and pale yellow undersides; a combination that has me stumped. I don't even know if it is a warbler, vireo, or flycatcher (or something else).
  16. Thanks, The peaked head should also have given me a clue.
  17. I saw this bird yesterday at Jones Beach State Park, NY. Is it a Traill's Flycatcher?
  18. I saw this bird today at Jones Beach State Park, NY and I don't recognize it. Could it be a Blue-headed Vireo?
  19. Thanks Aidan, Loons are pretty easy here, as they often swim close to shore in both the ocean and bay. I have a series of COLO shots showing the change in plumage. I hope I got the IDs correct. Loons
  20. Thanks, I'd love to see a RTLO in breeding plumage but that doesn't seem to happen here. I have seen a COLO as late as May in what looks like full breeding plumage.
  21. This time of year, I have trouble distinguishing RTLOs from COLOs. I saw this bird yesterday on the ocean at Point Lookout NY. Other birders reported seeing both species there. Based on the upturned bill and mostly white throat, I'm guessing RTLO.
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