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  1. I saw 3 raptors, very high up, soaring in circles together this morning at Jones Beach NY. There seemed to be some conflict with one of them. I'm not sure if these 3 photos show all 3 birds. The head of the one on the right looks like a Peregrine Falcon. Is it? Are the other two Red-tailed Hawks, or some other species?
  2. Wow, I really missed this one. Thanks. I saw a bunch of of GCKIs there yesterday, but this one just didn't register with me.
  3. This morning in Jones Beach, NY. It has dark legs, orange feet, pale undersides, black crown, and a prominent supercilium. I thought maybe immature Blackpoll but the suepercilium looks too large.
  4. Thanks, I would have expected the yellow on a PIWA's throat to extend farther down the front to the belly. This one looks like the breast is mostly white but the foliage might be fooling me..
  5. It doesn't have a black throat and doesn't look very green, but given the yellow head and white undersides, I don't know what it could be except an immature female Black-throated Green Warbler. Seen this morning in Jones Beach, NY.
  6. Is this a female Common Yellowthroat? One of many small birds hopping around Jones Beach NY this morning.
  7. Thanks, I looked at allaboutbirds and I have The Warbler Guide by Stephenson and Whittle but the differences can be pretty subtle in the fall, particularly when you can't see all the field marks. I'm also struggling with some of the local sandpipers.
  8. I took this photo 4 years ago this month in Oceanside NY. I think I misidentified it. Is it a Palm Warbler. I note the white tail spots and what looks like yellow undertail coverts.
  9. I saw these birds about 10 minutes apart this afternoon in Lido Beach NY. Unfortunately, the photo of the bird with the leafy background isn't any help regarding wing bars but I'm guessing it is an Eastern Wood-pewee (peaked head). I'm guessing the bird with the blue background is a Traill's Flycatcher (I didn't hear it).
  10. That's all I have. FWIW, I saw Traill's in this area last August (2020). Willows are reported much more frequently than Alders although Alders are seen and heard here.
  11. This rather blurry view shows the head from the side.
  12. I saw this bird this morning in Lido Beach NY. I note the wing bars, length of tail, and and fairly heavy streaks on breast. Is it an Eastern Wood-pewee? I didn't think Traill's have streaks that heavy.
  13. A Baird's was seen here in the past view days, as has a Western. Here's another view that shows shows that the wings don't extend much beyond the tail. I hope this narrows the field.
  14. I saw this bird this morning at Lido Beach NY. It was foraging in the mud at the edge of a pond that was formed by recent heavy rain. I think that's consistent habitat for a LESA but I always expect the legs to be more yellow. Other species of sandpiper have been reported here, adding to my confusion.
  15. Thanks, I found this photo of a female BHCO which does look similar. Cowbird
  16. I saw this bird this morning in Lido Beach NY. With its dark coloring, dark bill and legs, and whitish throat patch, it doesn't look to me like any sparrow or cowbird, and not much like a female or immature Red-winged Blackbird but I don't know what else it could be.
  17. Thanks. I picked that photo because I thought the reflection showing the length of the wings relative to the tail would be helpful. I was fixated on thinking it was a White-rumped or Semi-palmated. I thought a Least would have yellower legs but a look at my earlier photos showed that they could be greenish.
  18. Thanks, For some reason, Least didn't occur to me.
  19. I saw this sandpiper this morning in Lido Beach NY. I think the early-morning light made it look more yellow than it actually was. The greenish legs make me think it is a Pectoral or White-rumped Sandpiper but I really don't know. I'm not sure if the wings are long enough for a WRSA.
  20. Thanks to all. A birder posted a photo on eBird of an OROR nest in that preserve so maybe I'll get lucky and spot an adult male.
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