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  1. I did not hear this bird, seen this morning in Lido Beach NY, but I did hear Willow Flycatchers several times and heard them frequently the past few days. Is there any reason to doubt this is a Willow Flycatcher? It looks rather pale but that is probably due at least partly to the morning sun.
  2. Based on the pale wing bars and orange mandible, I'm guessing that this flycatcher, seen this morning in Lido Beach NY, is an Eastern Wood-Pewee but I'm not confident about my flycatcher IDs.
  3. This bird, seen this morning in Baldwin NY, looked chunkier to me than the common sparrow species seen here, e.g. House and Song Sparrows. It was foraging with its tail high, almost like a wren. Looking through my guides, I think it looks most like a Lincoln's Sparrow, given the gray face, wide buffy malar, and pale buffy wash on the breast. Is it a LISP?
  4. Thanks again, I missed that and won't depend on tail shape so much.
  5. Thanks Tony, There is only have one species of raven to differentiate from crows here in NY but I keep expecting to see the wedge-shaped tail seen so clearly in the photo at the end of your article. I have difficulty evaluating the size and shape of the bills.
  6. Thanks guys, I've been trying to get a photo of a Common Raven for years and probably discarded some because I thought they were crows. I expected to see a nice unambiguous wedge-shaped tail like the bird guides show.
  7. The tail of this bird doesn't appear to be clearly wedge-shaped or straight. I think the bill looks too small for a Common Raven. Which is it? Seen this frigid morning in Point Lookout, NY.
  8. Thanks, It does look like a House Sparrow I photographed last November. Same head markings.
  9. Thanks Seanbirds and hbvol50. Song Sparrows are common here but they have enough variation to keep me guessing. Field Sparrow is a lifer for me.
  10. I saw these 2 sparrows together on the ground this morning at Jones Beach State Park, NY. The first one was smaller with a pinkish bill, unstreaked breast, and wing bars. I assume it is a Field Sparrow. I think the second one, which flew up onto a fence, is a Song Sparrow, although it doe sn't appear to have the large spot usually seen on the breast.
  11. Thanks, There are plenty of Goldfinches coming through but the EVGR was an infrequent visitor.
  12. When I saw this Merlin at Jones Beach NY this morning, I was afraid that its prey was a male Evening Grosbeak that has been delighting birders for 11 days. Looking at the photo, I think it might be an American Goldfinch, large numbers of which have been migrating through.
  13. Thanks, I thought it was immature because it seemed so pale underneath but perhaps I was fooled by the poor light.
  14. Thanks Avery and Bird Nuts, Not a picture worth saving.
  15. Thanks Avery and Bird Nuts, Lifer for me.
  16. This bird of prey flew overhead this morning at Jones Beach, NY. It made 3 large circles with its tail spread as seen here and its wings held quite flat. Is it an immature Cooper's Hawk? Sorry for the poor photo.
  17. This bird was feeding in the grass with a group of White-throated Sparrows this morning in Jones Beach NY. The wings appeared to be rustier and the crown stripes don't seem to be right for a WTSP. Is it a Swamp Sparrow?
  18. Thanks for the confirmation. Is it an adult female? Regarding the code, carolinabirdclub.org explains, "The “last letter” approach is also used in some four-word names. For example, Black-throated Green Warbler is BTNW and Black-throated Gray Warbler is BTYW, using the last letter of the distinguishing word."
  19. This is a new one for me, seen this morning in Lido Beach NY. Is it an adult female BTNW?
  20. Is this a COYE? I sort of expected a sharper line between the yellow throat and brown head. This afternoon in Lido Beach NY.
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