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  1. I saw this sandpiper this morning in Lido Beach NY. I think the early-morning light made it look more yellow than it actually was. The greenish legs make me think it is a Pectoral or White-rumped Sandpiper but I really don't know. I'm not sure if the wings are long enough for a WRSA.


  2. Acadian Flycatcher? Birds of the World says "In hatchlings, legs and feet dusky pink to yellowish pink .."

    Problem is Acadians have never been reported there (on eBird). WIFLs are common there and I did see and hear a Willow a short while later 250-300 yards away, but BotW only says that their legs and feet are "Dusky brown to brownish black." No mention of color change.

  3. I did not hear this bird, seen this morning in Lido Beach NY, but I did hear Willow Flycatchers several times and heard them frequently the past few days. Is there any reason to doubt this is a Willow Flycatcher? It looks rather pale but that is probably due at least partly to the morning sun.                           


  4. This bird, seen this morning in Baldwin NY, looked chunkier to me than the common sparrow species seen here, e.g. House and Song Sparrows. It was foraging with its tail high, almost like a wren. Looking through my guides, I think it looks most like a Lincoln's Sparrow, given the gray face, wide buffy malar, and pale buffy wash on the breast. Is it a LISP?


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