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  1. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY, about 50 yards from the edge of a salt marsh. Over the last 5 years, the vast majority of sightings of similar birds reported there in July on eBird are of Willow Flycatchers and just a few listed as Empidonax. No Alders. Am I safe to assume it is a Willow although I did not hear its voice? Or is it something else entirely?
  2. OK, I should have asked if it was female (of any age) or a juvenile male.
  3. Last Thursday, July 2, I posted 2 photos of what turned out to be a female House Finch. I took this photo this morning in the same place, Lido Beach, NY and it looks quite similar, but it is much buffier. Is it a female or juvenile House Finch? The early morning light, 6:55 a.m., might have caused a yellowish color cast.
  4. Aah, thanks again. I saw a male House Finch in the area but didn't think of it when I saw this.
  5. This bird, seen in Lido Beach NY this morning, isn't showing much in the way of head markings. Is it a Song Sparrow, maybe juvenile?
  6. Thanks, I just listened to a Carolina Wren on All About Birds and it sounds like what I heard. I previously rejected Carolina Wren because I thought it looked too pale underneath and I couldn't see much of the back. This is a new bird for me.
  7. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY. Is it a House Wren? I wouldn't expect it to be perching like this high up in a tree but I really don't know. It had a rather loud 3-note call that didn't match what I found online. It reminded me more of a Cardinal's call. Except for the eyebrow, I might have thought it was a Mockingbird.
  8. Thanks, I just listened to the calls on allaboutbirds and if I heard anything, it was a Willow. I also looked at sightings reports on eBird and Willows are common in this area; whereas Alders are not. I think it was probably a Willow but I'll try to pay more attention to the call next time.
  9. Thanks, I'm sorry I couldn't see the front. It was on the other side of a fence.
  10. Is this an Eastern Wood-Pewee? Seen today in Point Lookout NY.
  11. Thanks, I should have realized that the black eyepatch of an immature Roseate extends back to the nape.
  12. When I saw this bird at Oceanside NY yesterday, I thought it was a Forster's Tern but I think the wingtips are too dark for a Forster's Tern. Is it a Roseate Tern (or even a Common Tern)?
  13. Thanks, Uncharacteristically, it was right next to the road, sitting in the grass when I first saw it. I thought it might be injured. The grassy area is near the bay and the BBPLs I see there are usually out on a sandbar in the bay. I've never gotten this close to one before.
  14. I saw this bird this morning at Jones Beach, NY. Is it a non-breeding Black-bellied Plover?
  15. I didn't get a good look at it flying. It flew off low to the ground and landed farther away.
  16. Thanks, it was the spots that made me think it was a Solitary.
  17. Thanks, Although I have been seeing Merlins for a week or so, this is the first Cooper's I've seen this fall. Looking through my collection, I see that I first saw one last fall on Sept. 22 in the same area and saw them into December. I still haven't seen an adult.
  18. When I saw this bird chasing a flock of Rock Pigeons this afternoon at Jones Beach NY, I thought it was probably a Merlin. After looking at it on my computer, I think it might be an immature Cooper's Hawk. Is it?
  19. Thanks, The only other time I saw (or at least identified) this species was in a larger pond in the same park in May, 2018.
  20. I saw this bird bobbing in the weeds at the shallow end of an artificial pond at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY, this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good look at its legs. Is it a Solitary Sandpiper?
  21. I saw this flycatcher this morning at Jones Beach, NY. Is it an Eastern Wood-pewee? I didn't hear it so I can't help with the call.
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