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  1. Thanks, I just listened to a Carolina Wren on All About Birds and it sounds like what I heard. I previously rejected Carolina Wren because I thought it looked too pale underneath and I couldn't see much of the back. This is a new bird for me.
  2. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY. Is it a House Wren? I wouldn't expect it to be perching like this high up in a tree but I really don't know. It had a rather loud 3-note call that didn't match what I found online. It reminded me more of a Cardinal's call. Except for the eyebrow, I might have thought it was a Mockingbird.
  3. Thanks, I just listened to the calls on allaboutbirds and if I heard anything, it was a Willow. I also looked at sightings reports on eBird and Willows are common in this area; whereas Alders are not. I think it was probably a Willow but I'll try to pay more attention to the call next time.
  4. Thanks, I'm sorry I couldn't see the front. It was on the other side of a fence.
  5. Is this an Eastern Wood-Pewee? Seen today in Point Lookout NY.
  6. Thanks, I should have realized that the black eyepatch of an immature Roseate extends back to the nape.
  7. When I saw this bird at Oceanside NY yesterday, I thought it was a Forster's Tern but I think the wingtips are too dark for a Forster's Tern. Is it a Roseate Tern (or even a Common Tern)?
  8. Thanks, Uncharacteristically, it was right next to the road, sitting in the grass when I first saw it. I thought it might be injured. The grassy area is near the bay and the BBPLs I see there are usually out on a sandbar in the bay. I've never gotten this close to one before.
  9. I saw this bird this morning at Jones Beach, NY. Is it a non-breeding Black-bellied Plover?
  10. I didn't get a good look at it flying. It flew off low to the ground and landed farther away.
  11. Thanks, it was the spots that made me think it was a Solitary.
  12. Thanks, Although I have been seeing Merlins for a week or so, this is the first Cooper's I've seen this fall. Looking through my collection, I see that I first saw one last fall on Sept. 22 in the same area and saw them into December. I still haven't seen an adult.
  13. When I saw this bird chasing a flock of Rock Pigeons this afternoon at Jones Beach NY, I thought it was probably a Merlin. After looking at it on my computer, I think it might be an immature Cooper's Hawk. Is it?
  14. Thanks, The only other time I saw (or at least identified) this species was in a larger pond in the same park in May, 2018.
  15. I saw this bird bobbing in the weeds at the shallow end of an artificial pond at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY, this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good look at its legs. Is it a Solitary Sandpiper?
  16. I saw this flycatcher this morning at Jones Beach, NY. Is it an Eastern Wood-pewee? I didn't hear it so I can't help with the call.
  17. I saw this bird this morning in a pond at Jones Beach NY. I didn't think it was a Sanderling and assumed it was a Semipalmated or White-rumped Sandpiper but I need help. Thanks.
  18. Thanks, Sean and Kiley. I thought this one was too large to be a Least and I thought a Least would have yellower legs but I know size can be tough to judge.
  19. Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper? It was in the sand just above the mudflats exposed by low tide in the bay at Jones Beach NY this morning.
  20. For akiley (and anyone else who can't see it), you can also see it here.
  21. I assume this is a Common Tern but the black cap doesn't appear to extend down the nape as expected. Is this due to the posture or is this a different species; e.g. Forster's? Photographed yesterday at Nickerson Beach (Lido Beach) NY.
  22. Thanks Winter, A birder next to me said he recognized the song as an Alder. I was in the same place this morning, talking to three women who were birding. I mentioned the sighting to them and one played the call of an Alder using a smartphone app. There was an immediate answer from the trees.
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