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  1. Thanks Benjamin,

    The habitat is more more like the first one you describe, with no big old trees. The appearance of an OROR, though, is surprising to me, given that none have been none reported here since May 2017. Perhaps it was just out to explore the neighborhood. There was one reported about 4 miles away on June 9 in a different habitat. Of course, many birders do not post their sightings on eBird; either because they are not interested in doing so, or because they justifiably fear that reports of rare birds will bring people, not all of whom take care to avoid stressing the birds, particularly during nesting season.

  2. Thanks,

    FWIW, I checked eBird and the only Orchard Orioles reported at that location in the past 5 years were a few in May. There were a few more Baltimore Orioles reported in May, and a few in June and July.

    Note: This is a nature preserve that is mostly salt marsh. I've been looking in the foliage between the parking lot and the marsh. Maybe the real birders are overlooking some good bird habitat, such as this Mimosa which is in a generally-unvisited corner and might be the only one in the preserve. It has quite a bit of bird activity.


  3. There were a few of these hopping around in a Mimosa tree this morning in Lido Beach NY. I couldn't get a clear shot showing the wings. I think it looks sort of like a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, except that it doesn't appear to have an eye ring and I think it's about a month early for them to appear here this far south.

    I'm stymied.



  4. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY, about 50 yards from the edge of a salt marsh. Over the last 5 years, the vast majority of sightings of similar birds reported there in July on eBird are of Willow Flycatchers and just a few listed as Empidonax. No Alders.  Am I safe to assume it is a Willow although I did not hear its voice? Or is it something else entirely?



  5. Last Thursday, July 2, I posted 2 photos of what turned out to be a female House Finch. I took this photo this morning in the same place, Lido Beach, NY and it looks quite similar, but it is much buffier. Is it a female or juvenile House Finch? The early morning light, 6:55 a.m., might have caused a yellowish color cast.


  6. I took this photo this morning in Lido Beach NY. Is it a House Wren? I wouldn't expect it to be perching like this high up in a tree but I really don't know. It had a rather loud 3-note call that didn't match what I found online. It reminded me more of a Cardinal's call. Except for the eyebrow, I might have thought it was a Mockingbird.


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