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  1. I assume this is a Common Tern but the black cap doesn't appear to extend down the nape as expected. Is this due to the posture or is this a different species; e.g. Forster's? Photographed yesterday at Nickerson Beach (Lido Beach) NY.
  2. Thanks Winter, A birder next to me said he recognized the song as an Alder. I was in the same place this morning, talking to three women who were birding. I mentioned the sighting to them and one played the call of an Alder using a smartphone app. There was an immediate answer from the trees.
  3. I took these photos this morning at Oceanside NY. Another birder identified it by sound as an Alder Flycatcher. It does seem to match the photos on allaboutbirds.org. Correct species?
  4. When I saw this bird flying at Jones Beach, NY, this morning, I thought it was a crow. When I got home and viewed the 14 photos I took, they all showed a wedge-shaped tail characteristic of a Raven but I expected a more-massive beak. Is it a Common Raven?
  5. I took these shots yesterday at Jones Beach, NY. I don't know if the gray on the neck makes them Common Terns or the white undersides makes them Forster's Terns, or none of the above.
  6. Thanks, I didn't even think of orioles. I've seen some males around lately but this is my first shot of a female. My shots of males were even more obstructed by foliage as they were higher in trees. I was also lucky to get my first shots of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (male and female) today in the same shrubs.
  7. At Jones Beach, NY, today, there were a few species of warbler feeding in flowering shrubs (maybe Beach Plums). I saw Northern Parulas, Yellow Warblers, and a male Wilson's Warbler. Other birders also saw a Nashville Warbler. I took these 2 shots 28 seconds apart and I'm not certain they show the same bird. The head appears to be darker, more olive, than the breast. Is it a female Yellow Warbler?
  8. Thanks Sean, Up here, Song Sparrows are probably the 2nd-most-common sparrow species (after House Sparrows). OTOH, Sandhill Cranes are very rare here and you have probably seen plenty down there. Ken
  9. I saw this bird at Hempstead Lake State Park, NY, today. It looks less spotted to me and has a browner tail than a Hermit Thrush. I'm guessing Veery but I've never seen one before and am going by Sibley and allaboutbirds. Did I get it right?
  10. Thanks HamRHead and millipede. I was hung up on bill length.
  11. I can't decide if this is a Lesser or Greater. I measured the bill size relative to the head but still am not certain. Seen April 29th in Lido Beach, NY.
  12. Shot today at Hempstead Lake State Park, West Hempstead, NY. They were flying with a bunch of Tree Swallows but appeared noticeably browner. Sorry for the poor photos
  13. This is one of a pair of cormorants I saw flying in the distance at Jones Beach NY today. Can it be seen well enough to tell if it is a Great Cormorant? Cormorant
  14. Thanks to all who replied. I've made the same mistake before. I noticed the pointy bill but the bird looked so small that I assumed it was a sparrow.
  15. I can't identify this bird, seen today at Jones Beach, NY.
  16. Thanks, I guess I'm better at size estimate than noticing field marks. I checked Peterson, Sibley, allaboutbirds.org, and Birds of North America; and I still didn't get it right.
  17. Based on size, I would have guessed Cooper's, but I didn't have confidence in my size estimate.
  18. This accipiter landed in a tree right over my head today in Wantagh NY but once again, I failed to get a good estimate of its size. Based on the tail shape and head shape, I'd guess it's an immature Sharpie, but I need expert help. Photo1 Photo 2
  19. Thanks, I was hoping to get a sharper shot but failed with this bird and with a Harrier.
  20. Is this bird, seen today at Jones Beach NY, a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk? I can't provide a good estimate of its size. Sharpie?
  21. Thanks, I've been very frustrated by my failure to see one when so many others have seen them. That's also true for many other species, but these birds are resting right in the parking lot, not hopping around in and out of foliage like many of the small birds here.
  22. Lesser Black-backed Gulls are reported pretty much daily hanging out with other gulls in the parking lot at Jones Beach State Park, NY. I saw this bird today but what seems odd is that the various bird guides say that LBBGs have yellow eyes with red orbital rings. This one has a pale eye and no significant ring, but I don't see what else it could be. Lesser Black-backed Gull?
  23. Thanks, There are more Juncos now than I have ever seen, but this is the first one like this that I have noticed.
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