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  1. Thanks Winter,

    A birder next to me said he recognized the song as an Alder.

    I was in the same place this morning, talking to three women who were birding. I mentioned the sighting to them and one played the call of an Alder using a smartphone app. There was an immediate answer from the trees.


  2. Thanks,

    I didn't even think of orioles. I've seen some males around lately but this is my first shot of a female. My shots of males were even more obstructed by foliage as they were higher in trees. I was also lucky to get my first shots of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (male and female) today in the same shrubs. 

  3. At Jones Beach, NY, today, there were a few species of warbler feeding in flowering shrubs (maybe Beach Plums). I saw Northern Parulas, Yellow Warblers, and a male Wilson's Warbler. Other birders also saw a Nashville Warbler. I took these 2 shots 28 seconds apart and I'm not certain they show the same bird. The head appears to be darker, more olive, than the breast. Is it a female Yellow Warbler?



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