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  1. Ah I see the red and yellow on the wing now that it’s back. Looked white this morning lol. Thank you!
  2. Can someone help me ID these 2 I saw at the bird feeders this morning? Sorry for the bad pictures. In Kentucky First is the gray bird behind the Cardinal. When it turned it’s head, it had a darker face as well. That’s all I really seen from the front but hoping someone can ID from the back marking possibly. https://i.ibb.co/P9by9BD/82-F411-EA-136-F-49-D2-81-DC-0-ADF6-BC37-C7-C.png And the second, is a black crow? with a white band on the wings. Tried looking it up but could find anything so hoping somebody here could help me. https://i.ibb.co/2yW51rP/614708-FC-4089-44-F3-B4
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