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  1. Thanks all. Bird in last photo didn't do any favors by turning away from the camera!
  2. Good evening from Milwaukee. I took these photos along Lake Michigan this week. #1 and #2 are the same bird for sure. #3 was taken about an hour earlier in same lakeshore park about 3 blocks from #1-#2, and may or may not be the same bird as #1-2. My best try is they are Swainson's or Veery, with Hermit in the running as well. Any help appreciated. Dave
  3. Spotted near Menomonee River in Milwaukee today about 8 a.m. Is this a Golden Eagle? Any help appreciated. Dave
  4. Hi all, Spectacles like a blue-headed Vireo but I can’t spot wingbars, and seems too yellow in the throat. Nashville Warbler, maybe, but they don’t have spectacles? Yellow Chat has the spectacles but this bird seems too dull. Any help appreciated. Dave
  5. Thanks, Kevin. I was thrown off by the beak, which looks quite curved.
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