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  1. I built a box about 10" x 10" x 6" and placed it 15 ft off the ground. It does not have a round hole in it, but the top 3" of the front is open. I placed it on a larger oak tree thats clean of limbs up to the 15' mark. The box stays in the shade of the canopy all day with some filter light and faces the east. I swear within a week a little screech owl was in it. They've been here for years now... Stephenville Tx. mike
  2. We have a pair or two of screech owls that raises little ones every year hear. I'm betting its the same pair. The little dudes love red birds. We don't bother them and they just go about life. We have a larger horned owl hanging around hoot'n all the time now. I'm working a nesting box for him or maybe for some wood ducks. The crows pester the crap out of him though... Stephenville Tx
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    Little screech owls taking a peak... I built several boxes for owls. I thought that they would nest in the bigger box thats 15' off the ground. NOPE... they use it to watch over the nesting box. It's a 6x6 x10" box thats 6' off the ground. They love this little box.
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    one of the screech owls watching over the babies.
  5. We feed blocks and seed. We mount the blocks on trees and t-post. Just a regular ol bird block from TSC or walmart will do or you can make your own. I've gotta good recipe for making blocks. The squirrels like the blocks too so if you don't want squirrels then I would stay away from them or put a piece of 3" pvc pipe around the t-post. The redbirds really work on ours. We also broadcast scratch for the doves. Oh and the deer will feed off these too.
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