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  1. My friend thought it was a Wax Wing but I knew that was incorrect. You are right, it is a Hawfinch ! Thanks again for the help. I can always count on this site for identification!!
  2. Asking for a friend in central Florida. Looks like an exotic to me.
  3. I posted earlier and bird in question was a Summer Tanger female. Now my friend has sent this picture to me. Still in central Florida today! This one has a bit of orange or red around the beak area. Question is this a Summer Tanger also? Possibly a young male??? Too many variables!!
  4. Thank you guys! There is so much variation in the black on the wings that I was not sure of my identification.
  5. A friend of mine sent this picture from central Florida just a couple of day ago. He has never seen this bird in the area and it really caught his eye. I have looked at several sites on the web and "The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds" No luck with a perfect match! Please help!
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