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  1. Here are some more pics of the first one and the third one.I know the third is not much better. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Taken earlier today in the south end of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. My guess is Redhead, Greater Scuap (both would be rare and even more so with chicks) , not sure on the third pic but you can see a big white wing patch, and Lesser Yellowlegs? Thank you for any help or corrections.
  3. Is "Other World Bird" too general to be lumped in with "European Bird" or could this be divided more, perhaps by continent ?
  4. Taken today in York Region, Ontario. I am wondering if this is a hybrid? Thank you.
  5. These pics were taken June 2 at Rogers Reservoir in Newmarket, Ontario. I am wondering if it is possible to determine this species of flycatcher? I thought I heard a weird sounding ' chebek' call but no other vocalizations were heard, and I only really clued into what this sound could have been after I had seen the pics. I can see a yellow wash on the belly and throat, but I don't really see a bold eye ring and not sure if it is just the angles, so I was thinking but not sure if it could be a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher...? Or...? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I would also say Brown Thrasher. They are quite common at the Carden Alvar.
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