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  1. Hello, I don't have a picture but I am wondering about an observation made today just north of Toronto, ON. In small mixed group of warblers I saw one in the canopy about 20 ft off the ground. I saw a white underside with black on the corners of the tail and some bluish/black streaks on the sides. My first thought was Cerulean but that would be quite rare. I thought maybe black-throated blue, but pretty sure I eliminated that. I cannot think of what else it could be and I am wondering if you can think of any other possibilities based on that description. Thank you.

  2. Hello, all pictures were taken in Southern Ontario just north of Toronto. The first 4 were on Aug 12. The last two were yesterday. 

    Photo 1 - Another Least Sandpiper? I thought it looked bigger than the others.

    Photo 2 - All Lesser Yellowlegs? I thought the one on the far left looked smaller...

    Photos 3 & 4 - Originally was thinking Merlin, now am not sure

    Photos 5 & 6 - Greater Yellowlegs? It sure did seem larger the other birds there. Pic 5 has a Green wing teal for some size comparison.

    Thank you! 













  3. Hello, Taken earlier today in the south end of Lake Simcoe, Ontario. My guess is Redhead, Greater Scuap (both would be rare and even more so with chicks) , not sure on the third pic but you can see a big white wing patch, and Lesser Yellowlegs? Thank you for any help or corrections. 











  4. These pics were taken June 2 at Rogers Reservoir  in Newmarket, Ontario. I am wondering if it is possible to determine this species of flycatcher?  I thought I heard a weird sounding ' chebek' call but no other vocalizations were heard, and I only really clued into what this sound could have been after I had seen the pics. I can see a yellow wash on the belly and throat, but I don't really see a bold eye ring and not sure if it is just the angles, so I was thinking but not sure if it could be a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher...? Or...? Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you. 





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