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  1. Yes Song Sparrow. I don't typically go searching utility lines for Song Sparrows to know the frequency of occurance. However, last year and this year a Song Sparrow has done his singing on our street's utility line. Which it's amazing at how you fast I take it for granted to wait for the perfect day for the perfect picture of the Song Sparrow, and then before you know it, they move on!
  2. This Scrub-Jay shot was taken in Reno area in June. Is this the overlap range, where you can't really tell the difference between California and Woodhouse's by sight? If you can ID it between the two, please respond. Thank You
  3. These 2 pictures take from Verdi NV (West of Reno on CA border) in June. I would have thought for an American Goldfinch the wingbars would be more pronounced even on immature. But I am not so familiar with Lesser Goldfinch. That is why I'm stuck between a female/immature American Goldfinch or Lesser. Could they hybridize and I should leave this ID alone? Thanks
  4. You expressed my approach, and said much better. Nice photo bringing out the color for what must of been a hard shot with a bright background
  5. Thank you for taking the time to point out the Ross's. At the time, I guess I didn't notice the distinction. But going through the pictures helped me discern two species here. And for me when getting a lifer I now have a good baseline at what I'm looking for. (I have been too optimistic with other species to find out it really wasn't a lifer, like I'm still trying to find that Purple Finch) And appreciate the head size in flight comment. At least these guys have other distinguishing features. Canada and Cackling, I think that is only size and looking for the stubby bill . Thanks again.
  6. I noticed I missed logging some pictures in a December 2017 trip to Sequoyah NWR in southeast OK. Where I am, flocks of Geese are certainly snow. But looking at some pictures I think I see a Ross and would like a confirm. Not great pictures but hopefully good enough for an ID. #1 is the bill. #2 is a flock which has at least one blue morph (that looks like Snow in foreground) , but behind it looks like Ross's. And a few Snow. #3 is a picture of Geese in flight. more of a question, can you tell the difference between Snow and Ross in flight or just, White Morph vs Blue Morph Thank you for the help and confirming what maybe a retro lifer for me, which is just as exciting as a 2021 lifer.
  7. Thank you very much for the confirmation
  8. On a nice birding day in NJ with 2 new lifers: Bay-breasted Warbler and Black-billed Cuckoo. I came across this Thrush. I have trouble distinguishing between a Veery and a Swainson's Thrush. I may have only seen 1 of these or both. Don't know, the looks were never good and the pictures were always bad. I'm hoping now these pictures make for a conclusive ID. I'm leaning toward Veery from what I've seen to be it has less chest spotting compared to the Swainson's. As far as characteristics, he wasn't in a hurry to get away from me. Just wandered slowly and moved from shady branch to shady branch. All 7 images of same bird. Thursh Confirm - 1.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 2.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 3.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 4.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 5.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 6.JPG (whatbird.com) Thursh Confirm - 7.JPG (whatbird.com) Thank you for your help.
  9. Thanks for the links. Without the first link I would continue to define birds wrong. That was great. With the second link I can try and improve my ID skills between first and second cycle for a GBBG.
  10. Would this maybe be a second winter Great Black-backed Gull? I'm slowly gaining some confidence in Juvenile Gulls. Taken Winter 2021 New Jersey. Thanks. Gull Juvenile - 1.JPG (whatbird.com) Gull Juvenile - 2.JPG (whatbird.com)
  11. Thanks for your efforts trying to find a match on this. I went through all the bird pictures in ebird in the area, and I just didn't have a good enough picture to tell. Maybe a flycatcher, it's been so long I can't tell if there was a water source near by. At the time, I didn't prepare myself enough in advance to try and see what I could be looking at. But I'm just grateful I had the opportunity to goto a country not often visited.
  12. Yes. Thank you for the insight. It's too bad I could get different angled shots. But looking on the web at good lizzard buzzard pictures, wow what a nice bird. Thanks.
  13. For a long while, I only seemed to see the same type of Nonbreeding loons until the other day. That makes me think I can differentiate between the Nonbreeding common and NonBreeding Red-throated. Would Loon 1 and Loon 2 be Nonbreeding Common and Loon 3 be Nonbreeding Red-throated? ID confirm please. The speckled back on Loon 3 seems to be differentiated enough. .. Loon 3 picture was taken yesterday. All in New Jersey. Question -- if the loons were to bread this year, when would their plumage begin to change. In otherwords, is Loon 3 staying nonbreeding this year, or could it start to change later in Spring. Thanks for the ID help. Loon 1.JPG (whatbird.com) Loon 2.JPG (whatbird.com) Loon 3.JPG (whatbird.com)
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