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  1. Thanks to an ebird alert, I went to a spot in New Jersey and saw what looks like a Cackling Goose. But the white necklace doesn't go around it's neck. The beak is shorter than nearby Canadian Geese. Can you say this is a full Cackling Goose, or is it a hybrid? What is the best way to report the observation? The goose in question is bottom right. Thanks
  2. Glad I asked. Thanks. Nice to see a Peregrine, it's been a few years for me.
  3. I saw this bird in Delaware yesterday (sep 21). I couldn't get a chest view and after 5 minutes went elsewhere. To me it seems like a Merlin, as opposed to an American Kestrel (the head doesn't have the blue/orange) but the mustache on this bird looks like a Peregrine Falcon, so that is where any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  6. Thanks so much, regarding the White-necked raven I had to look for a little bit at the difference between White-necked Raven and Thick-billed Raven. It seems like there are regional differences, so if in that part of Africa you know what you see. But when there is a stray in the US, you need to may more attention. Yes, this was a cool rarity. Too bad at the time I didn't have the foresight to capture audio, it made a lot of noise. But I'm happy to at least have had a cell phone that had a charge and capture the shot that could be used for a solid ID.
  7. Wow, I appreciate all the discussion on the topic. Until now I thought the way ebird counted birds was similar to ABA, but now I understand there are some differences. I found on ebird the Muscovy Duck was listed as Domestic for my NJ shot as it was in an area previously reported when I went to setup a personal spot. Yes, in Florida there was only the Feral option. Interesting. So you can search for these birds on a map, but it seems like you can't search for true strays where you do an "add species". As with the help of another whatbird positing, I got to add my identified White-necked Raven I saw a few years back, and when searching for it, I didn't see anything. Getting back to ABA, I now know the ebird number can vary from what is really an ABA number. Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks. I appreciate the tips, and now I know what I saw! I can save the trip to Texas to find the wild Muscovy's for another day. And if nothing else, I'm happy with my pictures.
  9. What do I have here? I don't know if Muscovy Duck's hybridize, so that this is a pure Muscovy duck? These life lists can be so technical, but I'd rather not say oh I saw this duck when I really didn't. I'd rather know what I'm looking at then just upping my total. Then I need to consider if this is Domesticated or Feral? I'm getting confused looking at the websites. Thanks for the help. What I have is picture 1 from Florida and picture 2 from New Jersey.
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  12. 1. This crow is a blurry picture from Zimbabwe. Please confirm this is the African Pied Crow. 2. This crow I had ID'ed before the web crash a few years ago, but I forgot to write the name down. It can't be the same crow as in Picture 1 as the white is only on the beak tip and shoulders. This crow was seen in New Jersey a few years back and I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I'd like to put it in ebird as maybe someone's pet was tracked down. Thanks for the help
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