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  1. I took these pix in Custer South Dakota.   Not familiar with the sparrows there.   I am looking for a confirmation that in Sparrow 1.jpg and Sparrow 3.jpg contains a Clay Color Sparrow.    Also in the sparrow 3 shot on the left side with a greyer head reminds me of a Field Sparrow.   Do these sparrows hybridize or are they in mixed flocks?   I have only seen field sparrows by themselves.

    Photos taken May 2023.  

    Thank you.

    Sparrow 1.jpg

    sparrow 3.jpg

  2. 3 hours ago, DLecy said:

    You have photos of Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers. The bird being discussed as a Stilt Sandpiper is structurally wrong for that species. Stilt Sandpipers are tall, elongated sandpipers which are more often confused with the two species of dowitchers and Lesser Yellowlegs than they are calidris sandpipers.

    Ok thanks.   I appreciate the confirmation of the Least and Semipalmated Sandpiper.    Hmm,  looking at pictures I can see how Stilt Sandpipers can be confusing with yellowlegs,  at least height wise coming up a little shorter than the Lesser yellowlegs

  3. I found another picture which could be 2 different birds, or both Least?   Although the field guides can point to Sanderling,  no one in the group posted a Sanderling on ebird.

    I'm starting to give up on picking out something other than a Least here.    There will always be another day.   It is humbling when other birds are very conclusive with their observations and I'm still trying to figure it out. -- Although it can be frustrating,  it's still a whole lot of fun.    Thanks all.

    Sandpipers - NJ - 4.PNG

  4. Thanks for the comments all.   I looked through more pictures in the same sequence of the shoot.    I can't tell for sure,  but I think I posted the same bird in the foreground and one from the background.    Part of why I'm sticking with the ID is that some very good birders were at this location in Hamilton NJ as it drew the crowd for a Little Blue Heron and a Snowy Heron.   They posted both the Least Sandpiper and Semipalmated Sandpiper. (In addition to a Solitary and Spotted -- but those I've seen and can ID).

    So even these two pictures below.  They look like different birds,  unless they are at different stages.   They both have yellow legs, although the one with more brown on it's back has yellower legs.

    Then again,  I'm lightening up the pix because of the shadows.   Maybe they both are Least Sandpipers,  and even around other birders telling me where the Semipalmated was,  I'm just taking pictures of the wrong bird? 


    Sandpipers - NJ - - 2.PNG

    Sandpipers - NJ - 3.PNG

  5. 5 similar Rail's at the Ocean Cit256954984_Rail-OceanCityMD-ConventionCenter-1.thumb.jpg.8f08428c657b87c351f91b6605f94028.jpgy MD Convention Center.  July 2022.   I can't tell how young it is, or if it's possible to ID until a certain age.   Maybe I will find a different picture with more features from a different Rail.   The only Rail lately on eBird was a Clapper Rail in May 2022. 

  6. At Magee Marsh Ohio.   I thought I saw a Tennessee Warbler, but others were saying it's a Red-Eyed Vireo.    I never saw a Tennessee Warbler, but I have seen Red Eyed Vireos and even in shade,  you can get a hint of red.   Plus the top eye stripe is blacker.

    However,  I don't want to discount what others were saying,  as I might have been over anxious for a new bird.

    Yet,  at the same time if this isn't a Tennessee Warbler,  then I have know idea if I really would know one when I see one.

    Looking for any help on an ID please. 

    Possible Tennessee Warbler 1.png

    Possible Tennessee Warbler 2.png

    Possible Tennessee Warbler 3.png

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    1. Merlin ID.   Why the confirm?   I don't see Merlin's much and I'm trying to not confuse them with JV Cooper's / Sharp-Shinned Hawks.

    The eyebrow seems to be a similar white between Coopers and Merlin's so that doesn't help.

    What struck me first is tail.   The pattern was different.   Then the length of the tail.    This Merlin seems to have a little sideburn patch.

    Normally I'd see Orange/Yellow for an eye if JV Cooper's  but I can't tell the eye color here.    But the biggest question I have has to do with the yellow eye ring, if thats what its called.   It seems very thick.   Is that a differentiation between a Coopers and Merlin.

    Assuming my ID is correct with Merlin.  Please confirm.





    2.  Peregrine Falcon.

    The reason I am looking for a confirm here, is I see mostly back and can't tell if there is something else it could be. 

    #1 bird picture has a thin side burn,  but this bird's is thick.  Like an American Kestrel.    Which is partly why I could use a confirm for Peregrine Falcon here.


    Thank you


    2. small.1510991371_PeregrineFalconID1.PNG.641e1b2b1b48f69d2ed1b8bdfd67f2c3.png.1501b011b38d90d9a04df6f1b5ba39ea.png



  8. Last week in Virginia Beach I saw some gulls and it is the first time I believe I've seen a Lesser Black-backed Gull,  which has thrown off my way of ID'ing.   

    Pix 1. Laughing Gull toward 1st Winter (my confirm is more for age as I'm not great at Fall plumage)

    Pix 2. Great Black-backed Gull - This is more what I'm used to seeing in New Jersey

    Pix 3. Lesser Black-backed Gull -  Not used to seeing a Gull with yellow legs that isn't Ring-billed.   Back not super dark,  could it hybridize with Herring (but leg colors are very yellow)

    Pix 4. Lesser Black-backed Gull  - Darker back, yellow legs.

    Pix 5. Great Black-backed Gull - The beak makes me think this bird is heading toward 2nd winter plumage?   Legs in shadow,  but still seem pink.


    Any thoughts on my ID?  Thanks.

    Gull - 1.JPG

    Gull - 2.JPG

    Gull - 3.JPG

    Gull - 4.JPG

    Gull - 5.JPG

  9. On 11/10/2021 at 6:00 PM, Peromyscus said:

    You took this recently, right? There have been two Heermann's Gulls in Virginia in the past week! This one, looking like an adult (which I didn't know about until just now), and an immature in Hopewell some ways up the James River which was most recently eBirded yesterday.

    Congratulations on your lifer!

    Peromyscus.   Yes I saw this gull Wednesday, the day I posted the inquiry.    I need to upload it to ebird.    To think,  I almost didn't bring my camera for the stroll.    And not to try and actively endorse products,  but my shoulder was sore and the only thing that had me bring the camera was the convenience of the camera belt clip.

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