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  1. Would this maybe be a second winter Great Black-backed Gull? I'm slowly gaining some confidence in Juvenile Gulls. Taken Winter 2021 New Jersey. Thanks. Gull Juvenile - 1.JPG (whatbird.com) Gull Juvenile - 2.JPG (whatbird.com)
  2. From the album: Bobolink Album

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  3. From the album: Bobolink Album

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  4. Thanks for your efforts trying to find a match on this. I went through all the bird pictures in ebird in the area, and I just didn't have a good enough picture to tell. Maybe a flycatcher, it's been so long I can't tell if there was a water source near by. At the time, I didn't prepare myself enough in advance to try and see what I could be looking at. But I'm just grateful I had the opportunity to goto a country not often visited.
  5. Yes. Thank you for the insight. It's too bad I could get different angled shots. But looking on the web at good lizzard buzzard pictures, wow what a nice bird. Thanks.
  6. For a long while, I only seemed to see the same type of Nonbreeding loons until the other day. That makes me think I can differentiate between the Nonbreeding common and NonBreeding Red-throated. Would Loon 1 and Loon 2 be Nonbreeding Common and Loon 3 be Nonbreeding Red-throated? ID confirm please. The speckled back on Loon 3 seems to be differentiated enough. .. Loon 3 picture was taken yesterday. All in New Jersey. Question -- if the loons were to bread this year, when would their plumage begin to change. In otherwords, is Loon 3 staying nonbreeding this year, or could it start to change later in Spring. Thanks for the ID help. Loon 1.JPG (whatbird.com) Loon 2.JPG (whatbird.com) Loon 3.JPG (whatbird.com)
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    Loon 3.JPG

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    Loon 1.JPG

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  9. Thank you. It adds another possibility. I was only ruling out rook based on adult pictures, not considering immature.
  10. This picture is from Brussels. I'm not sure if in Europe the challenge between distinguishing pictures of Crows vs Ravens is the same as in the US. I did not see the bird fly. Is that really the only way to tell the difference (besides vocally) or is there a way can this bird be IDed? https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/gallery/image/973-belguim-birdjpg/ Thank you
  11. There are 2 different birds I saw in Zimbabwe. One at Kuimba Shiri bird park near Harare, the other in a neighborhood of Harare. I don't know if they are both African Goshawk's, a different Goshawk or something else. Could I have an ID on both birds please. Thank you. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/gallery/image/972-zimbabwe-bird/ https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/gallery/image/974-zimbabwe-bird-imirejpg/
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    Zimbabwe Bird

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  13. This duck was near a Harlequin pair on the Barnegat inlet NJ. There were a lot of Black Scoter's off in the ocean in the distance. Is this a female Black Scoter just wandering alone? Picture taken November. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/gallery/image/931-waterfowl-1png/
  14. I'm pretty confident about this being a Purple Sandpiper, which would be a lifer for me. But I've been wrong about things before and with a lifer, I'd like to be sure. Especially, because it sure seems like purple along the back. My app doesn't really have a picture with Purple in it for this Sandpiper, so I'm not so sure. This was taken November in Barnegat Inlet NJ. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/gallery/category/1-member-albums/
  15. Thanks for the tip on the streaking and looking online now, I see it matches the Nonbreeding female or immature. There is an APP enhancement I'd like to see. When you see "similar" birds, it could do a better job on matching up with nonbreeding female/immature pictures.
  16. I can't distinguish this bird between a Yellow throated Vireo or a Pine Warbler. Or is it another type of warbler in fall plumage? New Jersey this October. Pictures #1 and #2 taken through glass and he stuck around for me to go outside for #3 and #4. I was happy about that, although I didn't get any shots showing the 2 wing bars but the eye strip is a little more distinguishable. Thank you for your ID.
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