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  1. One thing I noticed from some of the other photos I have is that the long wing feathers seemed to cross in the back (however they might be the tail feathers?). I also have a video with the unique sounds it was making while fluttering around. I'm not sure if I can upload a short video or link to a youtube video on this site? I will also watch some videos on the dark-eyed junko and the canadian jay to see if I can identify by sound. I will report back tonight. Thanks fo all the replies.
  2. Hoping to identify a bird I saw today (August 9th) on Mt Baker in North Western Washington at 5000 ft. It has a whiteish beak that seemed to be very flat horizontally. It was taking a bath in a small pond. In the second picture he/she is hard to see but is about in the middle (Need to learn to crop on this computer). Been searching online but couldn't get any clues. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Birding!
  3. Thanks a lot for taking the time to describe the features, it gets me excited to get out and take more photos and do more birding. You guys are Great!
  4. Sorry, just learning how Whatbird and Flickr work.
  5. Took this photo in the foothills of Sacramento in the Folsom area. It was in March. I am going to guess a Merlin. Please let me know what you think and what are the specific features that help with the identification. Thanks
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