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  1. That makes sense with what I saw. I need a sunnier spot for my feeder.
  2. Glad you saw the Piping Plover. You see them on Fire Island off Long Island all the time.
  3. My feeder is shaded by my neighbor's house. Direct sun would help with photos. Anyone put their feeder high up, like second or third story high? May feeder be placed close to the house?
  4. Responding to my own old post. Thanks for all the replies. The trouble was that the little door blocking the bird's access to the seed was blocked. When a heavy animal like a squirrel goes on the feeder, their weight causes the little door to be blocked. When the squirrel leaves, the door is supposed to open. Manually opening and closing the door a few times fixed it. Another issue that happens, albeit for an hour or so at a time, is a cat will hang out near the feeder. I've only found one bird victim in the ten months I've had a feeder, so this may be uncommon. A few years back, a RTH would eat in a tree near the feeder regularly raining feathers down below. But he doesn't eat here anymore.
  5. today around noon, Brooklyn, ny., backyard near feeder It seemed too dark for a Dark-eyed junco. It's head was darker then its a body.
  6. The nuthatch walks down the feeder virtually every time. They are larger than the titmouses and sparrows dominating the feeder who scurry when the nuthatches approach. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. They have been a number of black capped Chickadees recently. Is this an immature?
  8. Today,midday, Brooklyn, NY, backyard at a feeder. Sparrow sized. Didn’t stay at feeder very long.
  9. Brooklyn, NY at backyard feeder with black oil sunflower seeds. They have been around for weeks. Likes to land on feeder and walk down to feeding holes. Feeds quickly and flies off. Ignore the bottom two sparrows in the first picture.
  10. Spotted in Brooklyn, NY backyard. It was at a feeder before this picture, today around 2pm. How are Black Capped or Carolina Chickadees distinguished? The wing feathers seem to have some white mixed in. Is that more common with Black Capped?
  11. Spotted in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC, 9am today. Goose sized, or bigger. Perched on water's edge. Not particularly afraid of people, though eventually relocated on far side of water. Is this an adult?
  12. Poor little fellow was inside Whole Foods near Bryant Park, 42nd Street, NYC around noon today. It was hopping around the floor and a refrigerator case. I hope it isn't missing any tail feathers.
  13. This afternoon in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NYC by the water's edge. .
  14. Besides using your own photos, where may you get photos, or download images suitable for framing? They can be free, or paid sources. I was particularly impressed by the California Condor, a big, ugly bird featured in a WaPo article.
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