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  1. Seen on fence in Brooklyn, NY backyard. It is near a feeder, but he stayed on the fence for a few minutes. It was around 2 today. He is a lot darker than pics in Merin ID. Main colors are black and grey. More like a black cap than a black head.
  2. Thanks for the pointers, I had not noticed the uniqueness of the tail. The body was almost as dark as the head, which threw me off. In the pics, the beak blends with the water.
  3. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, New York, 11:30 am today. This guy would dive for food:
  4. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, 11 am today.
  5. It was spotted by a bird feeder in my Brooklyn backyard, yesterday afternoon. There were House sparrows, and squirrels nearby.
  6. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens. Last Friday, around 10am. There were a couple of these around each of several nesting boxes. I saw them mainly on the boxes or nearby branches.
  7. I put up a bird feeder about 2 weeks ago, that has not attracted any birds. It is hanging from a 10' branch, about 6' above the ground. Is this too close to the ground?
  8. Is it common for them to be this light?
  9. It flew by around 9:30 today and landed in a tree in Brooklyn backyard. It stayed there for a couple of minutes. I assume it is a red tail hawk, but don't really know any other hawks.
  10. robin.mp3 Song is from a Brooklyn, NY backyard in a 50 ft pine tree. Bird is not visible. It is loudest and most persistent in the early morning, but this is from early afternoon.
  11. The birds were seen this afternoon in a Brooklyn backyard. They are taking a bath on a pool cover. The cardinal provides scale. The head looked rather plain, and slate colored for a sparrow, though it does have a white streak.
  12. This bird was spotted this afternoon in a Brooklyn backyard. The feeder has sunflower seeds. He or she is the size of a sparrow.
  13. I used the questionnaire id, not the picture id, and it did not show my bird. When the questionnaire id does not show your bird, you have to edit your choices like picking a different set of 3 color. If you thought the red on the duck was black, you might not see your bird. That said, Merlin Id works surprisingly well. I just installed eBird on my phone. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Thanks for the pointers, Charlie. So lets say you think its a sparrow, but are not sure which one, and Merlin ID does not offer a good match, what do you do? Should you page through Sibley's or look at all the Sparrows by taxonomy?
  15. It was spotted late this afternoon in Brooklyn. Size-wise it looks like a sparrow that is fluffed up from a bath. It stood on this 20' branch for a while, grooming itself. What I don't like about the Song Sparrow ID is the bands on the head are blueish, and the brown pattern on its back stops halfway down.
  16. Thanks for the Id. Merlin Id did not give that choice, so I did not consider it. I mostly didn't like how the wings matched. The GCKI has a black band and yellow on its wing which match the photo. The GWW lacks the black band, and the yellow is closer to the head. Looking at allaboutbirds.org, I see what you mean about the GCLI having more green in its wing.
  17. It was spotted this afternoon in a Brooklyn backyard, about 20-30' up a 60' tree. The weather is overcast with a drizzle. It's size was between a sparrow and Robin. It jumped and flew from branch to branch for quite a while. There were two birds. Does this look like a warbler?
  18. My bad on the posting. I uploaded the boat tailed grackle by mistake. Thanks!
  19. They were seen this morning in the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge near the parking lot.
  20. The pair was spotted in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge this morning.
  21. I saw it in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens this morning. There were a couple of them spread out. They would dive for 10-15 seconds. It looked like a small duck.
  22. Yup, just looked at a picture of a Norther Mockingbird. Thanks!
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