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  1. I want to say it was solid redwood at that point. It's possible there was still some 'verge' stuff. I'm going to have to head back tomorrow-ish and see if that's true.
  2. Hi all! This forum has been so helpful in the past, I thought I'd toss out another. And all I have is feathers. These came from an apparent victim of predation, and were accompanied by light gray down feathers. All of the feathers I could in the area were essentially the same as these, and they have a rather unique shape. The area was redwood forest on the lower shoulder of Mount Tamalpais. For those who know the area, between Pantoll and Muir woods. Thoughts? /edited to add jpg IMG_6792.heic
  3. Hi there - Looking for help ID'ing. A pair that have been regularly (daily for at least a week, perhaps much longer) visiting a backyard pond in Marin County, CA. Mid-morning and early evening. Wooded hillside facing the bay. Have video if helpful. I suppose about 8" long. Other common visitors include Juncos and Towhees, but pretty much everything in the area stops by at some point!
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