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  1. Hi Everyone, Would like to confirm the type of Blackbird. Seen in San Francisco on Thursday afternoon June 3rd. Thanks, Bill
  2. Hi all, saw this bird on May 26 (yesterday) at about 7:15 pm. Shoreline, Mountain View CA. Young Brown headed Cowbird? Thanks! Bill
  3. Hi All, Sorry for using Acronyms. Yes... trying to improve my birds in flight images. I am enjoying the challenge of both finding birds, photographing them both stationary and in flight. It’s been tough! You guys have helped with some of the bad/blurry images. The excitement and adrenaline of seeing a potential new bird is intense and makes the photography even more difficult. I have been getting some descent ones recently.
  4. Thanks All... So Sanderlings? Working on my BIF skills so hopefully will get better images in the future!
  5. Saw this Flock at the Duck Pond In Palo Alto CA on Thursday 4/22. Not a very clear image so sorry. I’ve been trying to ID them based on wing pattern but unsuccessful So reaching out to you all. Thanks! Bill
  6. Thanks Seanbirds! So do both of these classify as Sandpipers? And if so what type of Sandpipers are these?
  7. Saw this bird at Palo Alto CA Duck Pond, April 22, 2021 at 7pm. Thought the original 2 was a Sandpiper at first but now so sure as it could be a Sanderling or a type of Stint. The 3rd and 4th photo I also thought we’re Sandpipers as well but now I’m just confused. Thanks again! Bill
  8. Hi Everyone, Taken at Coyote Point this morning in San Mateo California at around 11 am. didn’t match any of the usual suspects. Thanks! Bill
  9. Great discussion all! Appreciate the thought process and education!
  10. @Seanbirds @Trevor L. Thanks again for your replies. The bill was interesting. We couldn’t tell from the photo whether the beak was shortish or curved. It looked like there was possibly a break point (near the left edge) and seeing something in the background that matched the bill trajectory or if that was the actual bill continuing on and was just reflecting the light differently.
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