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  1. Sorry, discovered another photo that I need a bird ID confirmation. Same place as my last post. Ulistac Nature Preserve, 9/18/2021 at about 10am. Couldn’t definitively see the eye marking to confirm but I think it is a Pacific Slope Flycatcher. Thanks! Bill
  2. Hi Everyone, Saw this bird at the Ulistac Nature Preserve in Santa Clara CA at about 9:30am 09/18/21. I haven’t seen too many flycatchers so my experience is limited. Thanks, Bill
  3. Just confirming… Thanks! @Kevin Thanks as well for confirming.
  4. @Quiscalus quiscula Are you having questions as well?
  5. Hi All, Having a hard time deciding what this Sparrow. Evaluated all the normal species for the area and didn’t get a great match. Seen at Redwood Shores CA, Near the library at 8:30am on 9/12/21. Thanks in advance! Bill
  6. Hi Everyone, Saw this hummingbird yesterday at Baylands in Palo Alto CA 9/11/21 at 10am. Originally thought it was an Anna’s in a different light as the color was certainly different but there were reports of a Calliope Hummingbird in the area so now I want to confirm, \
  7. Thanks DLecy. It was already pretty far away when I was able to capture it but didn’t really know what it was until looking at the photos. I new it was different by the size and the way it flew but wasn’t sure. Definitely a cool bird for me for sure!
  8. Thanks Hasain, We couldn’t tell what kind of Jeager it was as well…. Hopefully others will confirm.
  9. Hi Everyone, I saw this bird flying over the Knob Hill Pond in Redwood Shores CA tonight 9/8/21 at about 6:50pm. Couldn’t get a shot head on but was able to at least capture a few descent images. Thanks in advance! Bill
  10. Thanks everyone!! @AlexHenryYes! We are trying to pay closer attention to identifying the Gull Sp. and giving them some attention instead of just walking by then.
  11. Saw these Gulls this morning 9/4/21 at 8:30am Preserve Park in Redwood Shores CA. These appear to be younger which is making it harder for me to ID.
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