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  1. Hard angle and lighting. Western Tanager have been around the area. Stanford University 9am ish, 5/7/22. Thanks in advance! Bill
  2. Hi Everyone, Walked out the door to see this Raptor sitting on a neighbors car. Only had a phone camera so image is not great? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Good morning! Saw this fast moving bird in Carlsbad, California at the Carlsbad Research Center, Mar 8, 2022 at 11:00am. Lighting wasn’t great so apologize.
  4. Thanks DLecy… That’s what I was leaning towards but on the fence.
  5. Hi Everyone, Please help with this swallow/swift ID. See on February 26, 2022 at the Emily Renzel Wetlands in Palo Alto. 10am approximately. Thanks in advance.
  6. That’s a good point!!! I should keep the post neutral to limit the bias.. Thanks for the replies! What led you to a Pgymy? I’ve been trying to do the comparisons of course but it’s a challenge with not great photos.
  7. Hi Everyone, Saw this little nuthatch the other day, February 6, 2022, 8:30am, Big Canyon Park in San Mateo Co. Wanted to know if anyone can confirm white or red breasted. Thanks, Bill
  8. @DLecy Agreed. I have been listing the flocks as SBDO/LBDO. I was thinking that the photo had “variety” which might allow the experts here to make an ID so posted to see. Others have been reporting both SBDO and LBDO at this location. Thanks for the LBDO confirmation. @AlexHenry Agreed as well as there is so much overlap between the SBDO/LBDO that they are difficult to ID from a photo. As DLecy replied, only the ones at the ends of the spectrum are distinguishable and thought I might have some in the photo that the more experienced could possibly ID. @Charlie Spencer When you develop that method… can you share please😉.
  9. I have been trying to get a good photo of the Dowitchers to ID them…. Didn’t hear them unfortunately, but I think the there are both short and long billed Dowitchers in the photo. 11/9/2021 Nob Hill Pond, Redwood Shores, CA @ 4:45pm Thanks in advance! Bill
  10. Hi Everyone, Saw this grebe yesterday 11/5 at Nob Hill Pond in Redwood shores, CA at about 5:30 pm. Thanks in advance! Bill
  11. Hi Everyone, Saw this grebe yesterday 11/3 at 12pm at Coyote Point CA. Having a good time trying to learn how to ID them! Thanks in advance! Bill
  12. Hi Everyone, Saw this grebe today 11/3 at 12pm at the Nob Hill Pond in Redwood Shores CA. Eared or Horned? Thanks in advance! Bill
  13. Hi All, I was going through some photos and found a Young Merganser duck that I could not ID. I think it is a hooded Merganser but not sure due to the age. Seen Aug 14, Errol Heights City Park, Portland Oregon about 10am. Trying to get better at Duck ID!! Thanks! Bill
  14. Good morning! Having a little difficulty IDing this shorebird with the darkish head. Least Sandpiper? Seen at the Charleston Slough, Palo Alto CA, yesterday 10/21/2021 at about 10am. Thanks, Bill
  15. Hi Everyone, Saw these 3 birds today at Vasona Park in Los Gatos CA at about 9am today that I need help with. 1) Don’t have a clue. 2) This one I think is a Western Tanager and would like confirmation. 3) Woodpecker Sp? Sorry for the bad photo!
  16. Thanks everyone, we thought it could be a tricolored as well so thanks for the confirmation!
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