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  1. Hi! These birds were observed in eastern Nebraska this morning. I'm pretty sure the big one is a Hudsonian Godwit. Can you help with the little ones in front?
  2. These were observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. Can you please help me identify them? 1. Tenn Warbler? 2. ?
  3. Observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. I'm trying to see the yellow "smile" of a ferruginous, but..... Can anybody confirm or deny that?
  4. Can you please help me identify these sparrows? All these birds were observed this weekend in Topeka, Kansas. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. I meant to post in the Help Me Identify a North American Bird forum. I'm sorry. I can't seem to figure out how to delete this post....
  6. Could you please help me with these sparrows? They were all observed this weekend near Topeka, Kansas. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  7. This bird was observed in eastern Nebraska this morning. I really want this to be a Philadelphia Vireo. Can anybody help?
  8. These birds all observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. Can you please help? 1. Hawk. At one point, this guy was seriously agitating a kingfisher. 2. Wren (?). This bird was reading very cold, almost blue-colored. 3. Second wren (?)
  9. So I recorded this song this morning in eastern Nebraska in a wooded area. The bird I'm interested in repeats a similar phrase. Sometimes it's puh-CHEEP, and sometimes it has a faint third syllable puhduh-CHEEP. In some ways, it sounds robin-y, but I listened to all the robin variants on petersonbirdsounds.com and none really fit. Can you help? Bird song on flickr
  10. In the field, I thought this bird was a tufted titmouse. But after I got home and looked closely at the pictures, I began to doubt. Observed today in eastern Nebraska. Can you help?
  11. I saw it fly into the tree, and it didn't have the jizz of a falcon. I also have a picture from behind (which unfortunately doesn't show the tail), and the bird's back is all-over blue grey, so I think that would also rule out the Kestrel.
  12. Hi! This bird was observed this morning in Alexandria, VA. I didn't have my superzoom with me, and all I could get was a sad, distant photo. I'm leaning towards Sharp Shinned b/c the head seems rounded, but I thought I'd see what you guys thought. I'd really like to narrow it down; I'm only in VA for the holiday and would love to get as many birds here as I can. TIA!
  13. Observed two days ago in northwestern Missouri. One pic seems to show a buffy wash, but the other picture shows a strong triangular malar. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi! This bird was observed Oct 12 in northwestern Missouri on the edge of a wetland. The sun was setting, so a couple of the pictures have that tint.
  15. This bird was observed two days ago in north western Missouri. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  16. Hi, Tony, thanks for replying. The birds were observed near Omaha.
  17. I think I figured out the second one by myself. Golden-crowned kinglet?
  18. Hi! Can you please help me with these two birds seen in eastern Nebraska this morning? Thank you! 1. which flycatcher? 2. warbler?
  19. Hi! The hawk was observed yesterday in southeastern Nebraska. The lbb was observed this morning in northeastern Kansas. r Thank you for any help you can offer!
  20. These three birds were all observed today near Lincoln, NE. I appreciate any help you can offer. 1. 2. 3.
  21. This bird was observed last weekend near Kansas City, Kansas. I think it's a female tanager, but I'm having trouble deciding b/n the summer and scarlet.
  22. Can you tell what this bird is by his song? Heard a couple days ago near Monument, Colorado. FamC Sat AM Unknown Song.wav
  23. I have one more picture of the Hummer. I don't know that it helps....
  24. Thank you, Creeker! Would you explain to me how you ruled out broad-tailed? (I've only got one species, ruby-throated, here at home, and I don't know much about telling them apart.)
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