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  1. Without any other pictures to go by, the only other details I have are: 1 This was not the smallest warbler I've seen. 2 I haven't seen orange crowned warblers in my yard before. That would be a new species. I have seen Nashville warblers here, but usually in the upper reaches of the canopy as opposed to down in my little redbud tree, where this one was flitting around. 3 I remember the bird being olive/yellowish from the side, but the wings seemed a deeper shade--almost brownish.
  2. Unfortunately no. This bird kept hopping up behind the leaves of the tree, and in the meantime, at least four other species of warblers were flittering around my yard. This is the only photo I managed to snap of this one.
  3. I just want to double check some of my other warbler pics from today (Green Bay, WI). Do I have a pine warbler, a bay-breasted, and a female blackpoll here?
  4. Cool! That's a new one for me!
  5. A big mixed flock of warblers landed in my yard in Green Bay, WI late this morning, and I have identified at least four species among them, but I can't tell what this one is. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, that's what is usually flying over my neighborhood, but I wasn't sure.
  7. This video was taken tonight in Green Bay, WI. I'm guessing it's a hawk, but I have no idea what kind. I think the resolution was reduced when my daughter sent it to me, so I might be able to get a better visual if I can figure out how to download the non-reduced video. The sound is clear (although in addition to the hawk sounds, it also contains the sounds of my son shouting in surprise at the sight of the big hawk 😄) 382628173_6038212546279852_3632705145828247021_n.mp4
  8. Taken in Green Bay, WI today...
  9. This pic is at an odd angle. I'm wondering if it's the female blackpoll I saw yesterday or something else. Taken today in Green Bay, WI.
  10. Seen in Green Bay, WI today -- I added a video for sound. Lately I see lots of red-tailed hawks around here, but the sound and coloring seem different this time, as the tail is mostly white, and the sound is not as harsh. DSCN6516.MP4
  11. A mixed flock of warblers descended on my yard this afternoon!
  12. A mixed flock of warblers landed in my yard this afternoon. The first two pictures are the same bird, and the last two pictures are a different bird, but the second pair of photos is not the best. Taken in Green Bay, WI.
  13. Did I just spot a Tennessee warbler in my pollinator garden? This was taken today in Green Bay, WI.
  14. I'm actually from Green Bay, WI, so I'm not in Chicago all too often, but thanks for the offer.
  15. Is this a juvenile black crowned night heron? Seen in Chicago yesterday...
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