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  1. "Ha! You think you've got warbler neck now? Just wait! I'm puttin' my stilts on! Then you'll really look up to me!"
  2. Sandhill flyover today in Green Bay, WI...
  3. Cool! I wondered if that was the case as I once saw a male one here a few years ago.
  4. This is a lousy pic as it was raining as I took it, but could this be a golden-winged warbler? Seen in Green Bay, WI today.
  5. Oriole is certainly possible. I did see a couple of them when I was there. The light was behind this one when I took the pic, so I didn't get a super good look. When I saw the pic I was almost wondering if it could be an evening grosbeak, although the last time I saw one around here was decades ago...
  6. Yeah, this bird seemed quite big for that though. It was robin sized. I wish I had snapped a better pic before it flew off.
  7. Seen near the western shore of the bay just outside of Green Bay, WI. It was flitting from branch to branch, and it seemed roughly robin-sized.
  8. I have gotten good pics of a female bay breasted warbler before, but never the male. Then this beauty showed up in my yard!
  9. Is this a Nashville warbler in bad lighting or an orange crowned warbler or something else entirely? The eye makes me think Nashville, but the belly color doesn't seem bright enough. Seen in Green Bay, WI today.
  10. I think this is a yellow-bellied flycatcher, but I always second guess myself on flycatchers because they're so darn tricky. Seen in Green Bay, WI today
  11. That could be.... here are a few other shots I took
  12. This was flitting around in the canopy of my giant silver maple today (Green Bay, WI). My first thought was blue-headed vireo again, but the area around the eye didn't look right to me.
  13. Is this a male and a female Nashville warbler in one shot? Seen in Green Bay, WI today.
  14. Thanks! I need to brush up on my vireos! This one was one of two in my yard today that I had never seen before!
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