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  1. I'm not sure how light a juvenile's eye is vs an adult, but I found one of my other pictures had a little better view of the eye.
  2. Spotted today in Green Bay, WI...
  3. The pose and sparse background remind me of an Audubon painting!
  4. Not my best photo of one of these, but any day you see a pileated woodpecker is a good day of birding 🙂
  5. Today at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI:
  6. I spotted some unfamiliar migrators in my yard today. Not the greatest pics, but anyone know what they are?
  7. In order to pass to the other side of the lagoon, you must answer my riddles three....
  8. I wanted to pass along a thank you to all who helped ID backyard birds for me these past few months. Since April, my 9-year-old son has been writing a nature guide to our backyard. He finally finished it this past weekend. It is hands down the most entertaining nature guide I've ever read, and it includes all 75 species of birds we have seen here, many of which were identified by the good people of this forum. Here is his sources/thank you list from the end of the book and an excerpt from his chapter on songbirds.
  9. Thanks to those who entered. @xpoetmarcr is the winner!
  10. Any more entries? I'll pick a winner tomorrow evening!
  11. Wow! I sure wouldn't have expected that in Wisconsin! The only things I know about chukars are from reading funny hunting stories by Patrick McManus 😄
  12. Looking through old pictures, and I found this one. Oddly, this bird was strutting through the grocery store parking lot a few summers ago (Green Bay, Wisconsin). Is it a bobwhite?
  13. Is this a really scruffy looking eastern kingbird or something else? (taken today in the marshes off the bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin)
  14. Lunch time for a black-crowned night heron … I wonder what it was eating!
  15. Is this a pie billed grebe? It took forever to get a photo as it was at considerable distance and kept darting below the surface and coming up somewhere else. (Taken today in the marshes off the bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin)
  16. Thanks, @Clip! Here's a good one. Caption this!
  17. Poor old Vincent Vulture was left behind after the conductor wouldn't allow his carrion bags on board...
  18. In looking at my birding photos from today, I realized that my great egret photo had a couple of photo bombers. Can someone tell me what they are? (This was near Green Bay, WI)
  19. Any idea what this bird might be? I snapped this picture today in Senseba State Wildlife Area near Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  20. Two of my all time favorite birds in one photo!😍
  21. I spotted this bird today in Senseba State Wildlife Area near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The photo was taken in a wooded area, but most of the refuge is a marsh. At first I thought I was looking at a yellow warbler, but it doesn't have the rusty brown streaks. Any ideas?
  22. Bah! The DMV never captures my good side! Now I'll be haunted by this ID photo for years to come!
  23. Looks like it's time to pick a winner... These all cracked me up, but the prize this time goes to @lonestranger!
  24. Thanks! Here's one of my favorites:
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