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  1. An olive-sided flycatcher sure isn't a typical backyard bird in Green Bay, WI.
  2. I think you're right. Right after I posted it, I noticed another pic of the same bird that shows the colors more clearly.
  3. Hooray! I finally found a Blackburnian warbler feeling photogenic!
  4. Looking through the photos of the day, I think I found one more flycatcher...
  5. Cool! I was pretty sure about the least and the yellow, but olive-sided is a new one for my life list and yard list! Just out of curiosity, how did you discern olive-sided? Is it because of the beak shape?
  6. My yard has been FULL of unusual birds this spring, and lately, there have been a lot of flycatchers. I know one of them that I've been seeing is a least flycatcher but I think there also might be a yellow-bellied flycatcher. I'm not sure, and it's so darn hard to tell flycatchers apart. Also not sure which other flycatchers might be around Green Bay, WI at this time of year.
  7. Aaaaaand a couple more. I'm really thinking this is a mourning warbler.
  8. Cool! I've never seen a Philadelphia vireo here before! I think I may have gotten another (still unclear) glimpse of bird #1... still not sure what it is.
  9. I think I know what these are but I want to make sure. All these pics were taken today in Green Bay, WI. 1. Sorry for the bad photo quality, but if it's what I think it is, I'm lucky I got anything at all... is that a mourning warbler?! 2. I'm hoping this is a clearer view of the least flycatcher that's been hanging around my yard. 3. I thought this was another red-eyed vireo until I looked at the photo and saw how yellow the belly was. Is this one a Tennessee warbler?
  10. This looks like a least flycatcher to me, but I always second guess myself on flycatchers, so I'm here for others' opinions... This was taken today in Green Bay, WI.
  11. I was photographing redstarts in the spruce tree, but then I also got a shot of this bird, which is obviously something else...Anyone know? (Taken in Green Bay, WI today)
  12. The Canada warbler, having eluded my camera's focus all week, emerges from the foliage to take a bow. Well played, Canada warbler, well played.
  13. Taken in Green Bay, WI--can't figure out which warbler... female magnolia??
  14. Wow! Lighting can really make it look different!
  15. Taken in Green Bay, WI--High in the treetops
  16. I did have a clear view of one earlier, so that's possible.
  17. These photos were taken in Green Bay, WI today. We had a mixed flock of migrators moving through, so lots of warblers flitting through the treetops, but some other stuff like red-eyed vireos, too. This tiny bird was high in the treetops, and seems to have a very pointy beak and a very short tail. My lighting was bad, so I brightened the photos after the fact. Any ideas?
  18. Probably the clearest shot I've ever gotten of one of these...
  19. At first I thought I had a Canada warbler here, but then I noticed it has wing bars. Then I thought it might be a magnolia warbler, but the lines on the breast don't seem prominent enough. Any ideas?
  20. I'm sure these are terns, but I'm not sure which kind. These photos were taken today in Green Bay, WI.
  21. Sorry about the bad angles, but this bird was way up in the canopy of my silver maple (in Green Bay, WI). Hopefully between the three shots, someone can ID it...
  22. Yay! I was hoping that's what it was. We've heard them around here before, but never got a photo until now.
  23. This bird was flitting around in the treetops. I saw it from my balcony in Green Bay, WI. I'm wondering if it's a vireo? I could hear some low, short, buzzy "zeep" calls in the area. Not 100% sure if this was the bird making the sounds though.
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