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  1. Went birding with my 10-year-old son today, and he spotted this kinglet in a tangle of brush.
  2. I have a feeling if these were better quality photos, the bird ID would be more obvious to me, but alas, all the cool migrators were hiding in the brambles and treetops today. These were taken at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI today.
  3. This pic was taken in Green Bay, WI today, where migration is in full swing. I don't think I have seen this bird passing through here before. Anyone know what it is?
  4. This pic was taken today in Green Bay, WI. Is this a magnolia warbler with very pale markings or something else?
  5. Oops, Green Bay, WI today. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to figure out what kind of vireo I've got on the left side of this picture. I'm confused by the brownish throat. Is this a Philadelphia vireo?
  7. My yard has been full of warblers these past few years in the spring and fall (or maybe I'm just more aware of it since I got a better camera.) I have 15 warblers on my life list and 14 of them are from my own backyard. Oddly enough, of the 15, the one I haven't seen in my yard is the most common--yellow warbler!
  8. Taken in Green Bay, WI today -- at first I thought it was the female bay-breasted that's been hanging around in that tree, but this one has much more streaking on the breast.
  9. Thanks, I was wondering if another one would come along. One of its traveling companions died in a window strike earlier today. 😢
  10. My picture isn't the best, so I'm not sure what I've got here, but I do know that there is a huge mixed flock of warblers descending on my yard today. Taken in Green Bay, WI.
  11. I'm wondering if the fall migration wave has begun in my yard. I spotted this bird flitting through my white cedar today (Green Bay, WI). I couldn't get a better picture because it was going quickly from branch to branch.
  12. That makes sense as there were several of them nearby, but wow, they really change a lot as they get older!
  13. Spotted in Milwaukee, WI two days ago
  14. Looking through some old pics, I found this one, taken in August in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Anyone know what it is?
  15. Is this a herring gull? That was my first thought because of the red spot on the bill, but I'm second guessing myself, because I can't see the legs well enough to know if they're pink. This pic was taken in July in the Boston Harbor Islands.
  16. Aww, a peregrine would have been cool, but hey, so is a kestrel! 😀
  17. Totally stoked to see a peregrine falcon while birding in the marsh today!
  18. I have two photos of three birds, spotted in the marsh today. The first one appears to be some kind of warbler. In the second photo I have a raptor and something else (not too clear) in the upper left corner. These pics were taken today in Green Bay, WI.
  19. Ah, okay. Maybe they were in a territorial standoff then. Thanks.
  20. Wow! All the ruckus I heard in the tree must have been a showdown between the red-shouldered hawk and the merlin! The first bird was making lots of noise and then flew away as I snapped my picture. Then I noticed the second bird was still in the tree and I snapped that pic.
  21. Taken on Madeline Island in Lake Superior two days ago
  22. Thanks! That's a new one for me 😃 I looked up a sound file of the red-shouldered hawk call, and that's definitely what it sounded like. There were actually two hawks there, and they were making quite a ruckus. I also found this picture, which does show one hawk in its entirety, although distant and slightly blurry.
  23. This was taken on Madeline Island in Lake Superior two days ago. Unfortunately, the hawk started to fly out of my range of vision just as I snapped the photo. I'm wondering if it is a sharp shinned hawk. Before it flew, I noticed it had a mottled rusty/white breast, and its call sounded like a series of clear, slightly elongated, high pitched, repetitive notes. Not sure if anyone can tell from this photo and description, but I figured it was worth a shot.
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