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  1. There appears to be white under the chin and in the lores. I would say Tricolored Heron.
  2. This bird looks like a hybrid. The bill seems too large for either species. Any thoughts?
  3. The bird appears to have a band on the right leg.
  4. A group may be referred to as an "ear-full" or a "museum of waxwings" according to iBird Pro. Just saying!
  5. Sanderling is the only shorebird with no rear toe (halux) as can be seen in your photo.
  6. I think this looks like a Black-bellied Plover. I has a pale face and no discernible supercilium. The head and bill look larger than an American Golden-Plover.
  7. This bird has a syrinx (voice box) which allows it to produce two different notes at the same time.
  8. The bird in front looks like a Surf Scoter with the white on the front of the head and in the bill.
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