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  1. Hi again. I’ve just looked more closely at juncos and phoebes, and have decided it was a dark-eyed junco. Why? Because the whole head was chocolate brown, not just the crown and forehead, but the chin and throat and cheeks as well. The descriptions and drawings don’t capture it, but the first photograph in iBird of a male dark-eyed junco in Oregon is exactly what my bird looked like except that the head was chocolate not black.
  2. Thank you, everyone! This is my first time on the forum, and I didn’t realize I had to check in to find answers! Thanks so much. I had decided it was a junco, but now I will compare juncos and phoebes and hope my memory survives. I haven’t seen the bird since.
  3. Saw at 7 am in Elginburg Ontario, perched on my back deck railing. I Didn’t see back of bird or notice unusual flight when it flew away. The whole head is dark brown as if dunked in chocolate. Brown eye. Below that, whole breast/underbelly is pale grayish yellow. I have bird feeders nearby and acres of fields, scrub and woods behind. It’s a small songbird shape a little bigger than a chickadee. Any ideas?
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