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  1. So no species someone has already posted In the whole thread?
  2. Hmm Plow-ver but not Plow more like P low with more emphasis on the Low syllable Pie lated what about gallinule? if im trying to be funny Gal I Knew. but normally I just still call them Moorhens. 😎😎
  3. For flikr you have to chose share photo rather than copy the bbc code
  4. Phainopepla, Black Throated sparrow, Gila woodpecker
  5. I think instead using the BBCode in the flikr share photo section, you have to use the share one instead and just copy in the text box.
  6. just a bit more to the left....
  7. Dang i was hoping that Turkey Vulture would win.
  8. costal texas today the 3 grey ones
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