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  1. Ok now that my Internet isnt turning off and on Randomly Spotted Sand Piper Estero Llano State Park 2018
  2. Is that supposed to be a link to the photo?
  3. I never knew you could even turn off the file number sequence. I just wish its high end was more then then 9999. it not been much of a problem since i copy my files off the chip into files with the place name or event name and the Date taken. makes it a lot easier to for me to keep track that way.
  4. Estero Llano Grande State park is a great spot.
  5. they probably shouldn't unless they want to be on the menu 😎
  6. this one landed next to my car so i got to shoot it thru the window.
  7. My first decent shot of a Belted Kingfisher.
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