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  1. ugh. seen millions of them but dont seem to have a photo loaded anywhere maybe one will show up at my feeders this week. \\\
  2. They look very similar to eastern Phoebe and kingbirds
  3. I got lucky last spring and saw both on the same trip
  4. Only moon shot i have loaded right now
  5. Cant seem to find a shot of one of these really shows anything. best i have for one.
  6. yea I dont seem to have a BC Heron photo loaded any where.
  7. nothing from today. birding in N texas is bad in the summer
  8. Iv been here since 2009 I think. I still miss having the chat room.
  9. Some of my best photo's are of a pie-billed grebe
  10. ive only ever seen one owl in the wild
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