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  1. Yes i misread your original post on the dates the photos were taken, the  1st 2 and are the same bird.

    But like you were originally asking if the colors may have faded with age. i think its probable it that same bird  and the amount of black is reduced,  you can  see it would be the quite close to the  same pattern if the black had faded. So we wait for some one else to post.






  2. Do different bird with this leucistic  coloring have different patterns?

    the last two look like the same bird, at least the pattern of black on the head looks exactly the same pattern of black feathers.

    the 1st and 2nd look similar as well pattern wise but from opposite sides and one is darker as well but could be lighting.

    Edit: maybe the time of year would make the coloring  change? Do Canadian geese change color at all seasonally?



    On 7/5/2020 at 5:13 PM, Kevin said:

    it is a young bird for sure, I think juvenile would be the correct term.


    My mistake, I went with Immature  to avoid  the term Juvenile which to me would mean less then a year old. while Immature could mean ,in the case of some birds, can take years to become full adults yet can take care of themselves.And may also go thru several color changes in those years




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