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  1. I'll have to check my Arizona pictures. To see if I have a photo of those.
  2. I think I took this in 2008 or so at Houston Zoo. Still one of my favorite photos
  3. Any one know this caterpillar? Today N Texas feeding on my herbs sage specifically
  4. No L Bunting. Suppose I shouldn't have complained about the Snow Geese.
  5. Caspian terns are only common on the coasts. and are very similar to Royals.
  6. Great crested Fly catcher. in Ft worth tx botanical garden
  7. hmm cant find the rest of them. date loaded says 4-2-2020 but I don't have any trip photos from that time period.
  8. I posted is as just kingbird. ill see if i can find the trip photos.
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