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  1. closest I have is a Phainopepla. only cause it starts with a P Pyrrhuloxia sounds like the worst nightmare word for some kid in a spelling Bee 🙂 I wouldn't even attempt to pronounce it
  2. https://www.npr.org/2023/12/14/1219424322/montana-men-bald-eagle-killing-case A shame that they will probably only get a slap on the wrist for this.
  3. Really fun birds to watch when they are chasing flying bugs
  4. Pretty sure the 1st one is a common Loon 2nd one I was told is a long tailed duck. which would be a lifer and WAY our of its range. both taken 11-26 Ahahauc TX NWR Texas Coast
  5. Sea Rim state park. he was running from another bird trying to steal his snack
  6. Mesa Arizona. 2019 Edit Sorry wrong photo linked
  7. I'll have to check my Arizona pictures. To see if I have a photo of those.
  8. I think I took this in 2008 or so at Houston Zoo. Still one of my favorite photos
  9. Any one know this caterpillar? Today N Texas feeding on my herbs sage specifically
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