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  1. 2017 Alpomado Falcon somewhere in the Corpus Christi TX area. Also the only Falcon I've seen in the wild. Alpomado Falcon by johnd1964, on Flickr
  2. Iv always liked this shot from a while back at St Marks NWR
  3. Are house finches and Doves Introduced? IMG_6756 by johnd1964, on Flickr
  4. white tailed kite by johnd1964, on Flickr
  5. Vermilion Flycatcher by johnd1964, on Flickr
  6. totally posing for the camera as well IMG_4686 (2) by johnd1964, on Flickr
  7. Bonapartes Gull by johnd1964, on Flickr
  8. In keeping with the new thread birds you only seen once Pilated Woodpecker Pilated Woodpecker by johnd1964, on Flickr
  9. Roadrunner, Gambels Quail, Yellow and Black billed Cuckoos ,Brown and Red headed nuthatch, BlackPole warbler,Pine Warbler, Bob o link, Blue headed vireo,Gila Woodpecker,Black Throated sparrow,Chimney Swift,Clapper Rail, Common Loon,Curelian Warbler, Great Crested Flycatcher, Greater Massinger, Gull billed tern. Least Flycatcher, Merlin,Northern Waterthrush,Phainopepla,Pilated Woodpecker, Ross's goose, Rose Breasted grosbeak, Ruddy Duck, Sea Side Sparrow, Sora, Spotted Sandpiper, worm eating warbler,yellow throated warbler. plus a few others i probably missed ,
  10. these need o be current photos right?
  11. Song Sparrow by johnd1964, on Flickr
  12. thats exactly how i operate, except i have Binos as well. and never actually remove the strap from my neck.
  13. that pretty much looks like a regular strap, with a more comfortable part for your neck
  14. Im usually always holding it buy the middle of the lens. my binos are lightweight so i dont mind them falling to grab the camera body
  15. I have a 500mm and hand hold . just have a good strap thats comfortable to wear,and adjustable to the height that's easy grab and to pull up to shoot.
  16. I did a whole day in April. for got to take it out of my laptop.
  17. sorting thru photos pull from crashed drive Egret High Island Rookery by johnd1964, on Flickr
  18. I did get to a few spots a right after Easter. Sebine forrest was the best spot. http://www.texasbirds.org/locationDetail.php?locationId=20 Even with the state opening parks back up some of them are remaining closed till 5-15-20 anyways. I think they know the crowds will be big and probbaly dont have enough staff to enforce the distancing rules.
  19. Some type of Humming Bird by johnd1964, on Flickr
  20. Sounds Interesting but i haven't been in NE since i was 7.
  21. Chestnut Sided Warbler Sabine Woods TX by johnd1964, on Flickr
  22. Immature Male Orchard Oriole by johnd1964, on Flickr
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