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  1. Today was the kind of day best spent staring at feeders. The lighting was awful, the birds were scarce or way up high and my photography skills are middling at best. I had just seen a Red-breasted Nuthatch and Ruby-crowned Kinglet but this bird doesn't look like either. My first thought was Magnolia but I need better educated eyes for this ID. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Thanks. I would have thought it was too late in the season but it was fun to see.
  3. This bird was in the middle of a pack of Myrtles and Kinglets. I saw my first Nashville a few weeks ago so I want to confirm I am correct with this ID. I took this photo in Laurel, MD today. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have the Peterson but I have to admit to using the web way more than the field guide. I can hear the groans as people read that last sentence.
  5. Ok you just threw a completely new name in there. Bicknell? To Google I go...
  6. I took this photo last weekend in Laurel, MD. I think it is a Gray-cheeked but I have only seen one other and it was ID'd on this forum. I'd love confirmation/correction. Thx. I hate to admit it but I almost avoid flycatchers, thrushes and hawks because I can't seem to keep them straight no matter how much info this forum shares.
  7. These photos were taken in Howard County, August and September 2020 respectively. I read that buffy coloration is usually more pronounced on the Black-capped but Carolinas in the far northeast range can also show this. Also I read that a more uniform line where the black bib meets the chest tends to be more uneven on the BC. These birds seem a mix - uneven bib line with less buffy color and a defined bib line with heavy buffy color.
  8. I live in MD which sits right pretty close to the overlap between these two birds. I picked two pictures and wonder if you can help me ID these and maybe offer some tips on telling the two apart. I have assumed being more central MD that I would see Carolina most often. But I'm not sure that has been helpful.
  9. I took this photo a couple weekends ago. Maybe a Chestnut-sided? The eye ring looks good and there seems to be some coloration on the side. I'd love some help with the ID. Thanks in advance.
  10. I took these photos this morning in Laurel, MD. I was trying to track Golden-crowned Kinglets in dense thickets. This bird was in the middle of that roll. Is this a Cape May? Google had images that show the CMW has similar tail colors but I want to be sure. Thanks for your help in confirming the ID.
  11. I took this photo last weekend in Laurel, MD. Every time I see it I think Cuckoo right away and then I think the bill is way off. The angle might be messing with me. I'd appreciate help with a confirmed ID.
  12. I took this photo Sunday in Laurel, MD. It's the same bird in both shots. Is there enough here for an ID? Thanks in advance.
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