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  1. This bad photo was taken today in Laurel, MD. I was thinking Magnolia Warbler but the look of the tail feathers doesn't seem right. The bird was way up and this was the only passable shot I got. I'd appreciate help with an ID. Thanks in advance...
  2. I'd appreciate confirmation or correction of Nashville Warbler for this bird. The photo was taken today in Laurel, MD. I feel confident it is a Nashville but I can always dream of a Mourning or Connecticut getting past my sorry ID skills. Thanks in advance...
  3. I took this photo today in Laurel, MD. Maybe a Pine Warbler? I've stared at it so long it looks like a flycatcher. Thanks in advance for your help with an ID.
  4. I took this photo today in Laurel, MD. I am leaning toward Northern Waterthrush but would love confirmation or correction. Thanks for your help in advance.
  5. This is one of two pictures I managed to catch of this bird today in Laurel, MD. I'd appreciate help with the ID. Thanks in advance.
  6. This was taken in Laurel, MD 5/14/22. Is this a female Scarlet Tanager? Thanks in advance for the help with the ID.
  7. These pictures were taken the first week of May in Laurel, MD. I had to crop them within an inch of their life. I see coloration on the top of the head but not sure if that is true or a product of lighting, distance, etc. I'd appreciate help with an ID. Thanks.
  8. Today in Laurel, MD. I first thought Chickadee but there doesn't seem to be any white on the neck. Maybe the angles are bad? These are the best of what I have and very cropped. Thanks for your help.
  9. Certainly none of my business but I noticed your most recent lifer is a Murphy's Petrel. Do you mind if I ask where you saw it? I read online it is normally in the South Pacific somewhere. I love reading these entries from senior birders (not an age determination) because there are so many I have never heard of.
  10. This is from today in Laurel, MD. Is Pewee correct? I never think to record them and my flycatcher ID skills stink. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. I took this photo today at Patuxent NWR in MD. I don't even remember seeing this bird. Is it a Blue-headed Vireo? Thanks in advance...
  12. Thanks! This is the only non-flight picture of a Broad-winged I have ever taken. It feels like a lifer.
  13. This was taken this morning at Patuxent NWR in MD. Can you confirm an immature male American Redstart? I just looks a bit odd to me and the picture isn't great which doesn't help. Thanks in advance...
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