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  1. I dreamed that I found a Black-billed magpie in Ks.
  2. I NEED BONAPARTE'S GULL!!!!! I really want to see some in KS this year. have seen 1 individual flying with Laughing gulls in Corpus Christi, TX.
  3. Tuttle is really close. it is my favorite place that is close. i've seen lots of coots, gadwalls, ring necked ducks, and a pied billed grebe out their in the past. pretty soon the ducks should be here in large numbers. I do have a scope that has been very handy for watching ducks.
  4. I wouldn't do anything in his name... just wondering if he cropped the picture in we may get a better view of birds that look like possibly the same species. even if they are not, he my be able to ID whatever they are.
  5. what are the two birds on the rocks to the right of the bird in question?
  6. #13 Looks Field-ish to me, but as I proved earlier, I am no good with blurry sparrow pics (and probably no good with a lot of good pics too).
  7. didn't look at where these pics were taken. good point.
  8. looks like maybe a gray-headed. never mind. there is no white in the tail.
  9. I really want to boost my year list/ life list before the year is over. whatever waterfowl or warblers that have yet to leave here would probably bring the most lifers. any suggestions of places to bird? also what species should I look for his time of year? my life list is at 207, so chances are whatever bird you are thinking of I probably have yet to see:) Thanks
  10. https://ebird.org/species/whbdac1/ https://ebird.org/species/bahtan1/
  11. I was sure that was a photo! AMAZING!
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