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  1. I heard one calling like a Bobwhite. We started whistling back a random note and it mimicked us a few times.
  2. We were in Yellowstone Nat. Park on a large hill. At the bottom of the hill were a bunch of tan things with white markings. I misjudged the distance.:)
  3. I also have heard a Mockingbird do an Eastern Phoebe call which had me fooled for a little bit.
  4. I've called Canada Geese Pronghorn before:)
  5. https://ebird.org/top100?region=Riley%2C+Kansas%2C+United+States+(US)&locInfo.regionCode=US-KS-161&year=2021&rankedBy=spp I'm #6 for my county for this year. #55 for all time. For complete checklists I'm #3.
  6. I would say so. @Seanbirds @Connor Cochrane or anybody else. Is the beak black on juveniles?
  7. I'd go with Least but I am terrible with shorebirds:)
  8. Who ever heard of someone having five heads, and if someone did I would hope they would get charged less, poor person!
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