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  1. yep! there nickname is "bald pate" because of the white patch on their forehead. Edt: sniped by @Kevin again
  2. that beak looks more like a crow. @Caley Thomas 2.0 could you lighten it up a bit?
  3. yes for #2. the larger gulls look better for Herring to me but I am not good at gulls. I'll pass on the one with the mollusk.
  4. Northern Harrier. i can se a little white above the tail. also wings are the right shape for harrier.
  5. My Nemeses: Blue-winged Teal, Bell's Vireo, Peregrine Falcon, Spotted Sandpiper, Eastern Towhee, etc., etc. (newest addition to my signature- the incomplete list of birds that every Kansas birder should have seen that I have yet to see.)
  6. "Latest: Brown Creeper" glad you got a creeper @Seanbirds! they are really fun to see!
  7. elective of self-taught ornithology for me.
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