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  1. It doesn't show the owl. I have noticed from picture that the tail is shorter on the owl, correct?
  2. A silly question, I'm sure. How can you tell these apart in flight?
  3. I had up to seven Purple Finches coming to my feeder this winter.
  4. any idea for transporting a tripod and scope, particularly, for those in wheelchairs?
  5. not very impressive but yesterday's was pretty fun. I got to see my first Belted Kingfisher attempting to catch fish and got to watch to mother wood ducks with their ducklings. https://ebird.org/checklist/S89668624
  6. I do see coots and gadwalls but can not tell if there is any others.
  7. I need a breath of fresh air! That smells terrible!
  8. I'm at 136 for this year. I am in Riley co., Ks. I have been down to Arkansas.
  9. I have enjoyed using scratch board to make bir drawings.
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