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  1. doesn't the bill seem wrong though? Except for the fact that it is way out of the range for them it seems more like a Wrentit to me.
  2. enjoyed watching Mississippi Kite on Saturday.
  3. also large head and thick legs. and note the position of the eye (near the front of the head rather than towards the middle).
  4. yep. that's what I meant. am tired๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. I am no good at gulls but the first bird looks like a Glaucous x Glaucous-Winged hybrid. Would definitely wait for other's opinions. Pass on number two.
  6. clean white throat. Solid eye-ring. Looks good for Least Flycatcher to me. Would wait for the more experienced, though.
  7. Where are you at? I'm thinking White-breasted Nuthatch or maybe Black-and-White Warbler.
  8. I'm leaning toward Red-shouldered. Wait for other opinions
  9. looks good to me, but you should probably wait for other opinions.
  10. Any advice on CO Springs area?
  11. This looks good for Lesser to me, but again, I'd wait for the experts.
  12. I think so, but would wait for other opinions.
  13. I'm thinking Eastern Wood-pewee for the first two and some sort of empid on the last. would wait for experts.
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