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  1. Looks to me like an Orange-crowned Warbler but would wait for the experts.
  2. I got my first Chestnut-sided warbler this morning.
  3. 1. Blu-winged Teal (somehow have not seen these yet) 2. American Redstart (saw these last year) 3.first Painted Bunting 4.more warblers 5. life list to 200 (this year)
  4. also note streaking on flanks. I agree with Trevor. This is confusing.
  5. i saw one a few years back. i think it had even more white.
  6. on second thought... I think I have seen a few more, but not a whole lot.
  7. seems to have the tan sides which matches with COYE
  8. Northern Waterthrush, I think. Note off-white eyebrow stripe, and streaks on throat.
  9. Where? Iā€™m from Kansas too. I saw it at the top of my driveway, right outside of Keats ( about 7 miles outside of Manhattan I believe).
  10. okay. Just a field mark noted in my field guides.
  11. Is it just me or do the primaries seem pale. They would be dark on subadult FOTE, correct?
  12. seems like royal or sandwich due to forked tail, but I have only seen one forester's tern in my life, and that was yesterday, so probably not the best source for tern id šŸ™‚
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