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  1. south western MO somewhere. my sister and I went to Mo for the weekend to visit my sister.
  2. @Seanbirds did you notice the newest bird on my yearlist?
  3. It is a red tailed hawk merlin would not have a belly band of streaks.
  4. i am thinking Swainson's on the dark hawk
  5. this is what I got https://ebird.org/species/bhnthr1/ along with a few others
  6. https://ebird.org/species/retcom1/ this is one pretty hummer!
  7. those dark buteos still give me a ton of trouble! whatever they are, I saw a lot of them in South-eastern KS.
  8. @Seanbirds this morph is a good reason to come to Ks, don't you think?
  9. I saw the prettiest morph of Red-tailed Hawk -IMO- on Thursday.
  10. they line the fence lines- maybe ten or so- here in the spring.
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