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  1. that is not a Wilson's Warbler's bill sticking out of that bird's face.
  2. not really anyone's fault, but I found a Lincoln's Sparrow stuck in the front of our vehicle the other week. Sad, but also the best look at a Lincoln's Sparrow I have gotten.
  3. @Seanbirds eBird says Eastern Meadowlarks and Common Grackles are near threatened??? there seems to be a ton of both of those in the summer here.
  4. you probably can guess what I'm about to say...I had one at my house yesterday.
  5. "In winter most Prairie Falcons switch to a diet featuring Horned Larks and Western Meadowlarks." https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Prairie_Falcon/lifehistory "Typical prey include shorebirds, ptarmigan, ducks, grebes, gulls, storm-petrels, pigeons, and songbirds including jays, thrushes, longspurs, buntings, larks, waxwings, and starlings." https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Peregrine_Falcon/lifehistory
  6. this is probably getting old but...come to KS!
  7. just wanting to bring this thread to attention. I am bad at gulls. anybody else have an opinion?
  8. I agree with this long train of sparrow names.
  9. I really want this to be a Peregrine but I want it to be a Peregrine. I don't want to make a wrong ID but it does seem like the more likely species. It was flying through a flock of gulls seemingly hunting. would this provide any clues as to species?
  10. sorry if I am being annoying, but if you look at the weekly bar charts for Riley, KS, there does seem to be an obvious difference in likelihood for the two species. @Jerry Friedman @Charlie Spencer @Seanbirds ? also a birder that I know from my area said that he was almost positive it was a Peregrine because of how early it is in the year. another birder that I know is an expert-4,000 plus on his life list- has reported a Peregrine a few times this month near me.
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