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  1. It was way up. also did you look at the range map for just this month of 2021? I rewrote the description https://ebird.org/checklist/S95864754
  2. crows can sound pretty deep at times. I've done that also
  3. the good mallard is still flossing his teeth like his mother taught him to.
  4. also any advice on how to make the description better would be appreciated.
  5. https://ebird.org/checklist/S95864754 what do y'all think? also look at sightings map for both species for this month.
  6. everybody come to KS! here Lincoln's sparrows seemed almost annoyingly abundant in the spring. Have also seen some white crowned and a lot of white throated.
  7. OH! thank you! I almost put my guess in as a sparrow. JKšŸ˜‰ fall warblers are a headache.
  8. the May birding day set my record- this is bad, I know, but my record is 50 sp.
  9. I have a very sorry list of 12 sp. I have been busy today also so not as much time as I would like.
  10. this looks better for a Savannah Sparrow to me.
  11. It's Friday! can't wait (although I usually don't do to well:)!
  12. off topic, but is there anything in there except Brown pelicans and Laughing Gulls?
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