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  1. is that a GBH flying in the background?
  2. the wide white band at the end of the tail points to Cooper's, right?
  3. I'm no good at making them but they sure taste good!
  4. I agree, but I'm not an expert so not very good resource on empid ID
  5. I would say come to Kansas except you are in KS, so come to Manhattan in the spring!
  6. I'm thinking Western. this bird seems to have a pale face https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/371347061
  7. have you not been able to find one? I know I say this a lot, but come to Kansas!
  8. I thought Herrings would have an all dark bill?
  9. got all of these except the blue-winged teal. they are hiding from me!!!
  10. how about the tallgrass prairie preserve?
  11. KS-6 CO-3 AR-1 I haven't used ebird for very long. hopefully will get a lot more next year.
  12. https://stepoutside.org/wichita-ks/bird-watching/
  13. QNWR is only about an hour and a half away for you. would Cheney Reservoir be a good spot?
  14. agreed. the bill looks like it would be more likely to have shadows/discoloration than the legs which are in stronger light.
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