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  1. I tried to attach the song here. Did it work?
  2. This bird definitely resembles a finch in its coloring and size. But the song is totally different. More like some kind of warbler? The song reminds me most of a yellow warbler but that’s not what this bird is, as I have those also.
  3. I have a new bird living by my creek this summer. Its nesting in low (8-12’ ) brush. This bird is slightly bigger than a sparrow, sits very upright on the branch, is quite drab colored. I’m never able to see it well as it stays in the brush but it looks to be mottled coloring similar to a wren. The song is amazing!! A long set of varying trills and tweets. Anyone got ideas I could look up?
  4. Thanks for your replies. Song sparrow is closest I could come also. The song sounds similar although not exact. This bird is in Twin Falls county near the canyon and river. The song is distinct and new to my area this year. I assume I’m seeing male and female as their are 2 birds/pairs each building nests in different brush piles.
  5. I first noticed this bird by its amazing 5 part song. It nested in a dense underbrush near my creek. The male and female are similar coloring. The size is a little larger than a finch. It sometimes sits with its tail cocked a bit up like a wren but definitely bigger than a wren. Stocky in the chest. Back is colored a lot like a thrush but this bird has a definite dark brown or black spot the size of my littlest fingernail on its mainly white chest. Again the song is amazing. 4-5 distinctly varying calls all strung together.
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